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Male health issues

There are certain diseases that only affect males. Prostate conditions are one of the leading male health issues. The reproductive organs are a secondary drainage pathway for toxicity. The primary organs involved in toxicity are the liver, the kidneys, the blood, the lymph, and the lungs. Once these organs become overwhelmed or over loaded with toxicity they will then begin to impact the secondary drainage pathways. Not only are the reproductive organs are a secondary drainage pathway but also the skin, an d the sinus cavities. Most people do not recognize these signs as an increase toxicity, let alone relate them to many reproductive health issues.

In holistic practice it is critical to not only work on the diet and get the diet clean, but also work on maintaining the health of the liver. The liver is the center focus of the bodies health. Male health issues are no different, so as you begin to holistically heal it is key to look at the liver and heal the liver. There are so many things to do to ensure the health of the liver.

Supporting the liver with nutrients such as artichoke, garlic, onion is a good start while lowering the fat in the diet. The higher the fat in the diet the more toxic it is to the liver. Although prostate cancer is often diseases that only affect males, however conditions such as fatty liver, obesity, and gall bladder conditions can affect both men and women. The first step in healing the liver does revolve around diet.

Once you have established a low fat diet, then you can provide herbs to assist the liver such as milk thistle or dandelion. These herbs can help support the function of the liver. Herbs such as saw palmetto, and some of the cohosh herbs can also assist the prostate although can interact with many hormone replacement medications. It is best to consult your integrative or functional med doc to ensure there is no nutrient interactions prior to using these supportive herbs. It is also recommended to consult them before you detoxifying the liver as well.