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Dr. Erica Steele – Many people look to extreme diets to help them with their nutrition. Extreme diets can be extremely harmful as you shock the body from one extreme diet to another. If you just started to eat. Only meat in your diet versus having any of the fiber from the fruit and the vegetables, your body can go into shock and therefore damage the digestive system.

So it’s important to choose a healthy lifestyle with your eating, eating enough calories, as well as managing your sensations of being full and hungry, and even managing your emotional triggers and getting to know those emotional triggers is key to having a long lasting healthy diet. Emotions such as boredom, frustration.

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Anger can trigger your unhealthy eating habits. Alternatives to extreme dieting include more of a lifestyle of eating healthy. That includes not skipping meals, making sure that you’re getting an adequate amount of calories in your day, managing your emotional triggers around food. As well as balancing your proteins, your fats, and your carbohydrates can all be really helpful when you’re learning to incorporate a healthy lifestyle of eating.

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