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Dr. Erica Steele – How can holistic health be defined? My name is Dr. Erica Steele. I’m a holistic doctor in family practice. I hold six degrees in my field and they’re all in the natural healthcare space, ranging from all sorts of different things from psychology, natural healthcare sciences,¬†natural medicine. I’m a board certified naturopath.

I have a public health degree, hundreds of certifications. I left out a whole bunch. Let’s talk about holistic health. This is probably one of my favorite topics. This is one of the reasons why I’ve become a holistic doctor, is really to help educate people about what it truly means to live a holistic lifestyle.

So what does that mean? We look at the. Physical of the person. Most of the time people come in with a physical ailment. So I will serve families that, let’s say their children have an issue like eczema or autism, and they bring their children in because they want answers. They wanna a holistic approach.

They wanna learn how to transform the health of their family. Or they’ve gone through the gauntlet of allopathic medicine and it didn’t work. Then I’ll work with people that have chronic diseases. So I’ve worked with people that have had a well range of diseases from digestive disorders, i b s colitis, Crohn’s to neuroendocrine conditions such as thyroid conditions, Hashimotos I’ll, I’ve worked with people that have had just hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism.

I’ve worked with people with metabolic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, metabolic syndrome. I’ve worked with people that have had autoimmune conditions, cancers. All different types. I’ve lost track of all the different nuances of health expressions and disease expressions that I’ve worked with.


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Cause I’ve worked with so many people. I’ve worked with over 40,000 people since 2009. So it’s a lot of people that I’ve seen in all different states of their health. I’ll also work with people with mental illness, so those people that struggle with anxiety, depression people. Struggle with s schizoaffective disorders, all kinds of different mental health challenges, post-traumatic stress, trauma responses, et cetera.

I work with high level professionals, doctors, lawyers, CEOs of companies who really wanna optimize their mental emotional. As well as physical health so that they can perform. Because when you are playing a big game at a really high level, you need to really be optimized to be able to perform.

And then lastly, I work with people in the metabolic health realm. Meaning people that want to lose weight, gain weight, or even athletes that want to, let’s say run a marathon or climb Mount Kilimanjaro. All kinds of different components that I work with to. People who are training for different things, and so I work with a full gamut of people, and so that’s what really brings them in is all these physical ailments that they’re wanting assistance with that, like I said, they’ve either been failed with our traditional medical community or.

They just already know that’s not in alignment with their philosophy. So they come in. Cause I treat people from all different spiritual backgrounds, all different cultural backgrounds and all different parts of the world. And so they come in wanting some physical support and We look at their nutrition, we look at their labs.

We recommend supplements. We also look at the environment, how their households are run, how their relationships are. Do they have healthy boundaries in their relationships? Do they work well with their colleagues that work? Do they enjoy their job? All of those things impact their physical health.

Then we look at their mental health, their mindset, their limiting beliefs, their core beliefs, their subconscious mind and their conscious mind. What is stuck and what’s not working in their mind that is not allowing for healing and health to, take hold. Then unfortunately, fortunately, we unbury all of the emotional health and wellbeing of the person.

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So these are things that have not been dealt with. They’ve been suppressed for whatever reason. I know for me, What got me into this practice for sure was my post-traumatic stress that I have healed. I was very emotional and I had to perform and survive, and I pushed down all kinds of emotional issues and so I really worked on bringing those up and healing them and continue to this day.

And so it is an ongoing practice. Spirituality I work with people on and mostly so that they. Be in alignment with their higher self. They can trust their self, they can be an intuition. So if you’ve had any kind of trauma, a lot of times you don’t trust yourself because you were told that this was acceptable when it wasn’t.

And so there’s a lot of distrust in our bodies and our minds and our spirits and our decision making. And so getting all of that back into alignment so that they can, a person can really be in tune spiritually. And ancestor only. So I am trained in genetics and methyl genetics. We look at that aspects of the person.

So we look at the data of it, which is really interesting, but also look at transgenerational traumas. Those are traumas that are passed down from generation to generation and how that impacts the physical health of the person behaviorally as well as nutritionally. Cuz certain people need certain macro ratios in their diet, but also too how that’s gonna impact disease and how a person can really take ownership over their health and not be a victim to their genes.

Genetics only counts for less than 30%, some say even less than that. The rest is lifestyle driven. So when we’re looking at holistic health, we’re looking at all the details and. We have to see the person as almost like a puzzle and we have to put all these puzzle pieces together and we organize it and prioritize it.

 Holistic health definition

And so ob obviously when we, when a patient comes in, they wanna get to the physical symptoms first. And unfortunately those symptoms have lots of different root causes to them and. We have to dig all of those root causes up and resolve them and heal them for the symptoms to dissipate. There’s an excellent tree that I’ve seen around with functional medicine where it has like all the branches of the trees with different diseases like diabetes or autoimmune conditions or, unforgiveness or whatever.

And then that trunk is all of those root causes. And then we get down into the roots below where you’ve got, genetics and toxicity and lifestyle factors and mindset, and all of those things are hidden underneath the surface. And we have to dig those things up. To be able to help the person heal.

And so I’m really excited for your interest in Holistic health. If you have tuned in this far, you definitely are interested in holistic health and holistic healing, and so if I can help you in any way, shape, or form, I’m happy to do that. My name is Dr. Erica Steele. My practice is holistic family practice.

We help families live naturally, and I do offer a complimentary 15 minute consultation. No obligation and move forward past that if you think that holistic health is a right fit for you. So thanks for tuning in.

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