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Speaker 1: Welcome back.¬†Well, getting healthy in the new year doesn’t have to be a personal goal for mom and dad. It could go family wide. So Dr. Erica Steele from Holistic Family Practice in Virginia Beach is here with some advice on how to get everyone on board. Yeah. Doctor, how are you doing? Yeah, I’m doing well. How are you?

Speaker 2: Good. Okay.

Speaker 1: So this sounds a challenge for someone with teenagers to get everyone on board. Yes. But what would your. Your advice and trying to get everybody together.

Speaker 2: Yeah, so I find the teenagers of day, cuz I have one too. Uhhuh, she’s 14 a girl. Um, it’s really, um, healthy communication Family Wellness with Holistic Medicine . Okay? So stressing the importance of it and also being that model, right?

Mm-hmm. So we talk about being the model and exhibiting, like if you’re sitting on the couch eating Cheetos all day, okay? Right? You can’t be a false prophet, right? You can’t be like, Okay guys, we’re gonna go work out and then sit around and not do anything on bonds. Yeah, exactly. Mm-hmm. . So you wanna really lead by example, but also ex educate the importance, like for instance, Working with my daughter on maintaining a schedule, she’s homeschooled.

Okay. Right. And so I give her a lot of freedom, right? But I still require her to create her own schedule. I see. So coming back, you know, it’s winter time, she wants to sleep in more. Family Wellness with Holistic Medicine She doesn’t necessarily wanna get up and be active. She’s very ahead in school. But still I’ve just sit her down and have a conversation.

Do you recognize what the importance of this is?

Speaker 1: Got it. So communication is key.

Speaker 2: It’s key. Yeah.

Speaker 1: Okay. So what other tips do you have?

Speaker 2: So in that vein of communication, we wanna talk about emotions. So like discussing what those are. That was not done when I was growing up. I’m, I’m not sure if that was done when you were growing up, but we’ve really reached an era where people are getting more connected with their emotions Family Wellness with Holistic Medicine and children especially.

Okay. Giving them a voice to be able to communicate and express the. Is really, really important.

Family Wellness with Holistic Medicine

Speaker 1: Okay. What other tips?

Speaker 2: So obviously we wanna eat together. Uh, right. Uhhuh, that’s a tough one. That’s a challenge. That’s a real tough one.

Speaker 1: We eat together kind of in different rooms. , I was looking at it the other day.

I was in the kitchen. My kid and my, my husband were in another room, Uhhuh, Family Wellness with Holistic Medicine and my son was in another. Yes. So trying to get you together Yes. In the same room.

Speaker 2: Yeah. Well, and sometimes the challenge is, is, well, we eat this way and I eat that way, and they eat this way. Yeah. And so making different meals is sometimes very, very difficult.

I, I do the same thing in my house. I have. Pre-planned food. And then my daughter, um, she calls it toxic food. She eats her toxic food. Oh, okay.

Speaker 1: So that’s what you call it, .

Speaker 2: Exactly, exactly. But I’ve taught her, I’ve educated her about all the toxicities in food. So she’s well versed in,


Speaker 1: but she makes the choice to go ahead and eat the toxic

Speaker 2: She does. And she knows that. She’s aware of that. And she, But then also too, she’ll have balance. She’ll go, You know, mom, my. It’s been hurting a little bit. I think I need a salad. Or if she sees me eating a salad, she’s like, Oh, that looks really good. Can I eat that? Right? So, and of course I’m like, Here you go, You know?

Yeah. So, and then one of your other tips is, uh, being active together. Yes, exactly. So, um, over the break we were talking, I went out to California to go visit my, my dad out in San Diego, which was amazing. Um, and one of the things we actually shared together was a Kalina yoga class. So we, we went to yoga together.

Me and also my sister who, uh, flew out from Atlanta. And so it was a, Experience that we had, and my sister had never done that type of yoga. My dad had done it quite a bit. And so had I, So it was just a great bonding experience. And of course we were working out, you know? Right. So, although a lot of us didn’t know we were working out.

Speaker 1: Got it. Got it. That sneaky workout.

Speaker 2: Yeah, exactly.

Speaker 1: Okay. So what about the toxins though, Throwout?

Speaker 2: Yes. Yes. Well, we have a lot of toxicities in our environment, not just in our food, but also um, the cleaning products that we use, The beauty products that we use. Oh, Yeah, so, and I, I don’t, I’m not an advocate of like, okay, go home and throw everything out.

Like, but as things kind of wean itself down, you know, replace it with something that’s healthy and there’s so many natural products on the market today, now we’re really at a great time for that.

Speaker 1: Right. And so if you are looking at the makeup and some of those products, what are the key things to look for?

Words that you can’t pronounce or, Yeah. A lot of words you can’t pronounce. Okay. Things you are just not aware of. Like you’re like,

Speaker 2: what is that? Like each, typically a chemical or a lot of times they put binders in which are not, um, necessarily unhealthy. Okay. But they can. They can seem like they’re unhealthy, but there’s some great websites like Environmental Working Group.

Okay. Um, they’re a third party independent testing agency. They look, um, at different products and they grade them. So it’s a great resource to be able to utilize.

Speaker 1: Okay. I know you do classes and training and do you have any going on right now?

Speaker 2: We do. Mm-hmm. . Um, this month we’re all talking about the metabolism and jumpstarting, the metabolism. We have about three, uh, coming out. This month. I’m not quite sure the dates, but I’m sure you can check out my website.

Speaker 1: Okay. Tell me again what the website is.

Speaker 2: Oh, holistic family practice va.com.

Speaker 1: Wonderful. And there’s your phone number and everything. And make sure you mention Coast Live exactly right, cuz you get a 15 minute wellness consultation. I know.

Speaker 2: Completely complimentary.

Speaker 1: Thank you so much. Always get a consultation when you come on setting.

Speaker 2: Exactly. Thank you Dr. Steel,

Speaker 1: we appreciate it. Thank you. Sure. Take care.

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