Healthy School Year Habits


Speaker 1: Now, back-to-school season can put a lot of stress on the entire family. And, of course, this year, that may be doubly true here to share her top five tips to be prepared mentally, emotionally, and physically for the new school year as Dr. Erica Steele from Holistic Family Practice. Hey, Dr. Erica, how are you.

Speaker 2: Hi, I’m doing very well. Thank you for asking.

Speaker 1: Good. Okay, so I’m getting my kid ready for school. I’m getting ready as a professor. So what’s the first tip that you have for us?

Speaker 2: So the first tip is to get that schedule going. You really wanna maintain the program. So August is a perfect time to start that because you don’t wanna go for like a light switch on and off. You really want to ease them into those long summer days into more structured fall school schedules.

Speaker 1: Okay, good. And then the next one is about healthy boundaries. Can you explain what that is? is

Speaker 2: Yes. And many more restrictions are going on into the new year, so we really want to start teaching our kids about healthy boundaries. Our children are watching us if there are certain rules or specific regulations. And so we must have healthy boundaries if we. Hey, no television after a particular time; we need to enforce that in the home to teach them security and safety, and they feel more complete as they move into the new school year.

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Speaker 1: Yeah, okay. That’s where I fail sometimes cuz I’m like, oh yeah, I forgot. But the next one, I do because I need to give myself grace for those moments.

Speaker 2: Exactly. With everything going on in the world, I recently spoke at a school board meeting that was very heated. We also have to understand that our children are watching us.
So whatever we believe to be accurate, we really wanna make sure that we not only have grace with ourselves, but we also have grace with other people because we’re all in. The stressful environment right now. There are a lot of different things that are changing every single day, so the more that we can just relax into it, nice was, breath into it, the more grace we can have for both ourselves as well as each other is essential as we go into the school year.

Speaker 1: That one is my favorite so far. Okay. Finding a balance between everything.

Speaker 2: Yes. And so, of course, we have work, school, and family time, so that schedule is handy. So that’s where the balance comes in handy. So really, ensuring that you’re balancing all of these things.

You’re not putting too much in one bucket. I’m an entrepreneur. I’ve been an entrepreneur even when my daughter was in school, and so I always had to try to. Oh yeah, that’s right. We need to spend some quality time together. We need to work on school. So having that structure and maintaining that balance is really important.


And also, too, number one, self-care. If you don’t put your oxygen mask on first, forget it. Yeah, you won’t be able to be available for anybody else.

Speaker 1: I call my Mater Day, which is the mother-daughter day. So just had a modern day. Now this next one is about protein. I’m surprised to see.

Speaker 2: So physically, our body runs off of protein, so if we’re concerned about our immune system, we’re worried about our overall health. We really want protein, but also protein stabilizes blood glucose. So if we’re eating enough protein and our diet, which unfortunately most people don’t, our blood sugar stays stable, I don’t know if you have this issue, but if my blood sugar drops, I get a little hang. Grace goes out the window.

I’m totally frustrated with myself and the world, so I really wanted to include protein because I think many people don’t believe in terms of protein when it comes to quality nutrition.

Speaker 1: I get hungry. Okay. And now you have an immune support bundle. Tell me a little bit about that.

Speaker 2: We definitely do well with the school year. We’ve got a lot of germs running around, so we want to ensure that parents feel supported as they go into the school year and look at the preventative measures we can take. So we do have the one that includes some nutraceuticals and some homeopaths so that you can load your medicine cabinet going into the school year. And, of course, Standard sanitizer is incredible to use as well.

Speaker 1: All right, Dr. Erica Steele, you can contact her. Thank you so much for being with us today.

Speaker 2: Thank you, April. Have a fantastic day. You.

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