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Healthy Men

Healthy men need to be the standard. Men often prioritize their health last, after providing and protecting their families. Men’s health is a critical topic to uncover especially since men are often the ones more resistance to going to the doctor. This goes back to primitive times when neighboring tribes could see health issues as a weakness. Seeing these weaknesses could be seen as a vulnerability. Therefore, it requires a man to be vulnerable to reveal their health issues. It no longer is an issue of a neighboring tribe attacking someone but now underlying health risks not being addressed.

It is clear that addressing health risks attached to diet, exercise, nutrient deficiencies, etc can prevent many metabolic health issues. The more proactive a man is in men’s health the more a man is able to prevent disease rather than wait until it is treated. Having a healthy metabolism by increasing nutrients and decreasing toxicity is key to maintain all other health systems including cardiovascular, immune, hormone, and neurological system.

Healthy men have healthy metabolisms. A healthy metabolism means that all of the nutrients are supported within the body to allow for the body to heal itself. The body was made to heal itself but only if we provide ourselves the healthy environment. A healthy environment means eating a healthy diet with adequate protein, carbohydrates, and minimal fat. Once a healthy diet is addressed and maintained then healthy of the digestive system really begins. It is difficult to heal the digestive system without truly changing the diet.

Changing the diet is sometimes the most difficult part of the process, however we try to make it easy at our practice, by providing meal plans to follow and comprehensive diet education. It isn’t always easy but we provide the tools and motivation to help you along the way.