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This is the video of Dr. Steele on healthy lifestyle tips. A healthy lifestyle can lead you to a better life.

Hey welcome back time now for another wellness minute with Dr. Erica steel from holistic family practice in Virginia Beach.

Building a healthy habit takes time. So it’s important that you move slowly and effortlessly to create a lifestyle. It’s important to add rather than takeaway.

Building Healthy Habits include adding fruits and vegetables to your diet so that unhealthy things such as processed foods, sugary drinks, and things like that diminish the body, it’s easier to begin slowly and effortlessly so that you build a lifestyle rather than trying to force yourself to do it. Take for instance eating healthy food.

It’s easier to add healthy foods slowly over time, such as your fruits and vegetables so that your body doesn’t crave processed foods rather than going after cutting the sugar from day one.

Adding those fruits and vegetables is going to help the body heal slowly and effortlessly so you can incorporate more of a lifestyle of healthy eating building healthy habits does take time.

So it’s important that you be patient with yourself and allow for the process to happen. In the event that you do. Stop or break or have an accident with it. Then you can just get right back on the horse and build resilience

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