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When people think about healthy lifestyle habits, they often think about things they need to do rather than want to do. That creates a habit that’s beneficial, but also sort of a chore. Sure, there are habits that are drudgery yet still beneficial, but some habits can also be indulgent. People are especially aware of their healthy food habits.

 Good-for-You Habits Are Never Hard Work

Some habits feel more like a luxurious bout of ‘me-time’ rather than items to check off your to do list. From a health perspective, there are habits that are incredibly beneficial and also happen to be marvelously indulgent. Of course, everyone has their own ideas of what’s indulgent for them, the key is to consider how to blend healthy lifestyle habits with luxurious options.

Here are a few ideas-

Stay healthy and happy by consuming 2-4 oz of dark chocolate- Dark chocolate contains an amazing number of antioxidants and it’s a decadent way to fight free radicals. Studies have shown that consuming dark chocolate can help reduce oxidative stress in the body which lowers the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Now it depends on the type of chocolate, 100% cocoa with a sweetener such as honey can be helpful for healthy food habits

Stay healthy by becoming a wine lover-
Red wine, like dark chocolate, has amazing antioxidant benefits. Added to the cancer-fighting properties, red wine also has anti-inflammatory and lipid-regulating powers. Enjoying small glasses of red wine, especially pinot noir varieties, on a regular basis can contribute to a healthier heart and body.

Massages do more than feel great-
Massage is often considered a luxury, but it should be considered a micro-habit that supports a healthy lifestyle. Regular massage can help the body rid itself of toxins, keep or improve flexibility, break down the unhealthy fascia, help heal or correct muscle or ligament issues, and much more.

Pedicures prevent injuries and diseases-
Pedicures may seem like an indulgence but they provide important benefits. All genders benefit from pedicures. While typically seen as a female hygiene experience, pedicures can be essential for everyone. Pedicures can help improve circulation to the feet and lower legs. Properly cleaning and clipping nails can also prevent issues like fungus, and ingrown toenails which can lead to serious infections.

Many of the luxuries we enjoy are actually very beneficial for our health. Making them routine and a healthy lifestyle habit in your life can actually improve your health as well as your mood. Rather than look at indulgences as selfish or ‘extra’ make them a basic part of your lifestyle. This can even be applied to healthy food habits. Simply adding more luxurious food items in moderation, such as organic red wine or Dark 100% antioxidant-rich chocolate can be helpful in not only building a healthy habit but having a little fun along the way.

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