Healthy lifestyle habits with Dr. Steele

This is the Video On Healthy lifestyle Habits,

Good habits can save you from serious health issues.

Try now for a minute with Dr. Erica steal from holistic family practice in Virginia Beach.

Getting adequate amounts of sleep is a key foundation of your health. Ensuring that you create an environment that’s conducive to sleep includes not watching television prior to sleep, as well as not playing with your phone.

Other things include getting supportive blankets and just waiting for Blake. It’s also really helpful if you still have challenges with your sleep. There are a lot of common supplements on the market that can help support sleep as long as they don’t interact with your medications.

Also, there are teeth with hammer or chamomile that can help you relax prayer to sleep, as well as diffusing essential oils such as lavender and bergamot, which can help create an environment that’s conducive for sleep.

Getting enough sleep is really important to your overall mental focus while being the energy that’s going to take you throughout the day.

Healthy lifestyle habits can save you from many diseases as well.

Learn more about sleep that can improve your heart condition: 

February is a heart health month. When most people think about heart health, diet and exercise may be the first things that come to mind when you think about taking care of your heart. However, what you do overnight counts too. Sleep deficiencies can contribute to many heart conditions, and heart troubles can make it difficult to sleep. Many people struggle with conditions such as sleep apnea, an impact on their metabolic health, weight gain, as well as cardiometabolic health.


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