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Holidays are typically a time of year when you meet with family, you share in traditions, and you typically over indulge in eating. Especially unhealthy eating. The tendency to break healthy habits and adopt new unhealthy habits becomes increasingly tantalizing in this time of year.

Maybe it is the sugar. Maybe it is the holiday cheer. Maybe it is the dread of spending time with family that you are least fond of in life.

Whatever the reason, we often ditch our healthy habits, for reckless abandonment, and just decide that November and December are doomed to be unhealthy.

But what if this year was different, what if you enjoyed some treats here and there but decided that this time you were going to be armed and ready for a healthy holiday.

Speaking of mind,
body, and spirit.

Speaking of mind, body, and spirit. Have you had a habit that you just cannot seem to kick? Perhaps something like overwhelm, procrastination, or avoiding… These are all unconscious structures that become buried in your subconscious mind. Using some of the latest technologies we can discover, uncover, and break free from the binds of the past simply and effectively.

Our 5 session Break

Our 5 session Break The Habit Package includes 2 Evox treatments, which is a form of biofeedback designed to help loosen the subconscious minds grip on your logic, and decision making. Once we break through these limiting beliefs we then use a brain training tool known as Brain Tap to reinforce the NEW Year!! Talk about Expansive. I use this for many reasons, start with something small and build up from there! 2 Evox, and 3 Brain Train for $299!!!

Tight, Tone and Trim

Our Tight, Tone, and Trim Turkey Deal. I have been playing around with the Evolve a hands free FDA approved medical device designed (and proven) to shrink fat cells, tighten loose skin, and tone your muscles as if you went to the gym instead of dinner. Fast results, pain free, hands free, and science based. All designed to provide you with a bit of motivation to trim the fat off the bone. With 4 sessions normally priced at $1,000 this deal is $599.

Labs reviewed

Have you ever just wanted your labs reviewed by a professional, someone trained in functional, integrative, holistic, and naturopathy modalities. NOW you can! Dr Steele is providing a Review of Finding Special, purchase 2 Reviews for only $99- pretty much Buy one Get one. If you want her to make a supplement recommendation, she can create an easy MedPak for you- 3 month supply (for an additional fee determined by your labs).

Blood work, Medpak, blood work to see if it helped your body heal- with very little investment. Good for those looking to dip your toe in.

Holistic Makeover Kit,
Course, and Program

We have our self guided 3-6 months Holistic Makeover Kit, Course, and Program. This is a custom designed CRASH course in Holistic Medicine, as designed by Dr Steele. You will receive a holistic box with scale, app, and many other goodies along with a self guided 6 month program. You can rush through and complete in 3 months, but 6 months is ideal. Ask questions if you need or gently explore on your own the choice is up to you.

The cost of that program is reduced from $999 to $399 for a limited time.

You do not have to fall off the wagon, roll down the hill, and put yourself in a sugar coma in Nov and Dec- now you can be easy with yourself (and others) by getting healthy AND saving money!

Deals are Done Jan 1- so Enjoy!