Dos and Don’ts for Creating Health-Centered Micro Habits

Healthy Fruits

Making the decision to be healthier by building healthy habits is important and literally changes your life. If you’ve recently been given a health diagnosis or you just want to make changes to healthy food habits, you may not know where to start. Stay calm and recognize that any changes you make are going to move you in the right direction.

Creating health-centered micro habits isn’t hard. Here are some dos and don’ts that will help.


DO: Think about what you can sustain over time

DO: Create habits that piggy back off habits you already have

DO: Try to create a good habit and dump a bad habit at the same time


DON’T: Worry about what other people are doing

DON’T: Get down on yourself if you stumble

DON’T: Forget it’s a marathon, not a sprint


DO: Consider what you can do consistently over time- Remember, building healthy habits are supposed to be so small that they are effortless and easy to adopt. Find a shift you can manage and repeat consistently. You only need about twenty-one days to internalize most habits until they become automatic.


DO: Tag a new habit onto something you already do- Adding to a habit that you have already mastered can help you stay motivated. If you want to start healthy food habits try to add protein to every meal. Protein allows for the body to heal and to stabilize the blood sugar. A stable blood sugar is the key to a solid foundation of health.


DO: Do double duty by adding a positive habit and dropping a negative habit at the same time- Taking the time to add a healthy-focused micro habit is worth the effort. Try dropping a bad habit at the same time. An example could be dropping soda, and adding water to your diet. The compounding effect of increasing water and decreasing chemicals will expedite the benefits.

DON’T: Worry about someone else’s path- When it comes to building building healthy habits, it doesn’t matter what other people are doing. What you can sustain over time may look nothing like someone else. Comparing yourself to others may only cause you to feel discouraged. Focus on your own version of success and on how far you’ve come.


DON’T: Feel defeated if you stumble, that’s normal- Trying to build healthy habits, especially healthy food habits, takes time. Things can come along and trip you up. Don’t feel defeated when you stumble. Treat each day as a brand-new opportunity and let it go if you have a setback. What matters most is getting back to it and working on the habit.


DON’T: Try to adopt a new habit too fast-
Building health habits take time to become automatic. Some longer than others. Don’t expect to adopt a health food habits in a short amount of time. If the habit is a complete turnaround from what you’re used to, it takes time to adjust and normalize the new behavior. Be patient and think of it like running a marathon rather than sprinting a race.


Creating Health-Centered micro habits isn’t hard, but you do need to give yourself time and credit for the positive changes you are making. Use these dos and don’ts to keep yourself centered and on track while you create new habits. If you need additional coaching around habits please feel free to reach out or check out one of our habit building courses

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