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It may be hard to imagine how micro habits are ways to build self-esteem, but they do. Micro habits pertain to any area of life and are habits to be more productive. From health to lifestyle, adopting micro habits that help you shift your mindset and laser focus on positive living are bound to have a positive impact. The more successful you are, the more your self-esteem blossoms.

Each time you add a micro habit to your daily life, you trigger the opportunity to be proud of yourself. From making the bed each morning to choosing to eat a healthy dinner, there’s plenty to celebrate when you make good choices. Over time, the confidence you gain from automatically making responsible and sound decisions is a reminder of how far you’ve come.

Here’s the psychology of how micro habits are ways to build self-esteem

Confidence comes from well-being: Well-being is a state of comfort, health, and happiness. Each time you choose a micro habit that contributes to your well-being it boosts your confidence over and over again until it’s normal to feel great about yourself.

Micro Habits require positive thinking: Choosing micro habits requires a positive attitude and a willingness to do the task over and over again. Positive thinking is a mindset and behavior that starts to diminish negative thoughts and attitudes. The less negatively you think, the more your self-esteem rises.

Practice generates confidence: Micro habits to be more productive require learning new habits and mastering them over time. This generates confidence from overcoming roadblocks or learning new behaviors. The act of doing something repeatedly builds self-esteem as what once was a struggle becomes simple.

Confidence includes acceptance: Mastering a habit requires a level of acceptance and understanding. If you’ve engaged in a healthy micro habit like exercising for 30 minutes a day or eating a low-fat diet, you likely begin to appreciate your body and develop an acceptance of it, with or without flaws. This boosts self-esteem and generates a level of maturity.

Discipline boosts self-esteem: New habits require a level of discipline. Even when things are routine and automatic, they still require a level of commitment. Being more disciplined creates a subconscious satisfaction and appreciation for the work it takes to stay on task. This is one of the ways to build self-esteem every time you engage in healthy micro habits to be more productive.

You may not have expected micro habits to boost your self-esteem but they certainly do. Mastering tasks is something to be proud of and our mind knows when we are doing the right thing for our health and welfare

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