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Our holistic doctors consultation will evaluate your goals, symptoms, health histories, answer questions, and explain your next steps

15 Minute Consultation

Our holistic doctor will evaluate your goals, symptoms, health histories, answer questions, and explain your next steps.

75 Minute Consultation

An in-depth conversation about your concerns and is great for people who are ready to take responsibility for their health and includes a 75 minute follow up appointment.

Lab Testing & Healthcare Release Forms

In our functional medicine practice we recommend basic as well as advanced laboratory diagnostics to further understand your underlying cellular health. We also send healthcare release forms to your other providers to gain insight into your case. We have a CLIA certified lab on site to do blood draws, if necessary.

Healthcare Release Forms

We fax healthcare release forms to all of your previous as well as current providers in order to work integratively with them. We are not an “us” versus “them” or an “alternative” because fundamentally we do two different things. We honor and respect everyone on your healthcare team and look to work collaboratively in order to help you heal.

Basic Lab Testing

We evaluate labs for overall organ health, function, prevention, nutrient deficiencies, and increasedtoxicity levels. By reviewing your labs from a functional medicine (optimal) perspective as well as a standard (allopathic) perspective to determine how we can help you and if we need to refer you to a specialist.

Advanced Lab Testing

Advanced lab tests are tests that we send to participating third party labs to evaluate your health on a much deeper level. These are more extensive lab findings in order to determine deeper causes of imbalances of health.


A Holistic Doctor works with YOU as a whole person. We do an initial consult to assess your health concerns/goals. The doctor reviews their background, how our practice works, and how we can help you. From there we run labs to help you determine what underlying causes may be impacting your physical, environmental, mental, emotional, spiritual, and even ancestral health. We create a plan that incorporates education, coaching, and accountability to help you to achieve your health goals.

We see humans. Our practice specializes in General Family Practice, so we see a little bit of everything. From acute care cases (cough, cold, and flu symptoms), general preventative practice, and even chronic disease cases (autoimmune, metabolic diseases, etc). We work with the human to help them take ownership over their health by teaching them nutrition, behavioral health, mental health, emotional health, physical health, etc. We look at each individual person instead of their symptoms, or diagnosis. We take individual data on each individual person to create a controlled experiment around the person. We measure progress throughout the process to track effectiveness of care.

Holistic Healthcare treats the person not the symptom. We do not diagnose or manage diseases like allopathic (Conventional Doctors). We are trained in terrain theory (improving the health of the terrain of the individual) instead of germ theory (fighting the germs or disease process). We believe that the body is a self healing organism that can and will heal itself if given the right environment. We teach you how to create a healthy environment regardless of what disease process has been manifested. We work hand in hand with conventional doctors. They manage disease while we build the health of the body. Our practices and our philosophies are both different.

Naturopathy is a form of Holistic Healthcare, brought to the US by Dr Benedict Lust from Germany in the mid 1900s. Naturopathy operates from 6 basic principles. First do no harm, doctor is teacher, prevention, identity and treat the root cause, healing power of nature, and treat the whole person. Homeopathy is a modality that many naturopaths utilize in their practice. Homeopathy predates Naturopathy and use low frequency to support the terrain (the function) of the body. We use specialized homeopathic substances to help support the bodies ability to heal. The use of homeopathy is safe and effective for healing.

We track effectiveness in our practice by using data. We use Subjective data (questionnaires) along with Objective data (laboratory assessment) to be able to track effectiveness. We track physical health, emotional health, mental health, as well as laboratory assessment on a regular basis (every 3-6 months). Depending on the severity of the case will depend on time frames of assessments. Effectiveness is largely based on the compliance, compliance is determined by the level of understanding that the patient has of the treatment plan.

Holistic Healthcare is incredibly safe. We are mindful of medications, medication interactions, and evaluation of labs to determine the safest as well as most effective treatments available. We take into consideration and work integretively with your conventional medical provider. We assess nutrient interactions that each medication creates in the body. We support the bodies ability to heal through nutrition support.

Naturopathic Doctors are trained by Natural Healthcare Schools. Naturopathic Doctors maintain true Naturopathic practice as defined by Dr Benedict Lust and the 1931 Congressional Record. Naturopathic Doctors do not prescribe medications. They have undergraduate training in the sciences, with a Bachelors Degree and a Graduate Degree in Naturopathy. Their doctoral training reviews laboratory sciences, applied sciences, as well as various naturopathic modalities such as plant medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, mind-body medicine, etc. ND education includes a 4 year didactic education that includes at least 100 hours of clinical practice as preceptorship. The education is a hybrid distance education combined with classroom education. The purpose of this is to provide strong hands on training as well as accommodate the ever growing needs of students in post secondary education.

There are three types of Naturopaths.
Naturopathic Doctors are NDs. These are Doctors that are trained based on Dr Lusts standardization of Naturopathy. They complete a 4 year doctoral program, and take a Board Exam. The Diploma of these students read, Naturopathic Doctor.

Naturopathic Medical Doctors are NMDs. These are Naturopathic Medical Doctors who also receive some allopathic training in their education. Their diplomas clearly state Naturopathic Medical Doctor. They are not NDs or Naturopathic Doctors.

Traditional Naturopaths are TNs. These are Naturopaths who have completed a certificate program in the basic principles of Naturopathy. They do not qualify to take a Board Examination and are not considered to be Doctors.

No, NDs see allopathic practices as ways to save lives and stabilize a person’s health when disease process has taken over the health of the person. We see this as an opportunity to extend life, as well as stabilize the person to be able to keep them alive. This can many times be a wakeup call for people.

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