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The role of a functional holistic doctor is to find the root cause of what ails the person. Using the lens of a functional holistic doctor the root cause can be any number of things from heavy metal toxicity, chemical toxicity, poor nutrition, poor assimilation of nutrients, mental as well as emotional imbalances and more. A functional holistic doctor often serves as a medical detective searching for many clues to unanswered questions with the patient. At holistic family practice, we fill in and support what is missing from general family practices. We educate you on nutrition, detoxification practices, stress management techniques as well as recommendation of herbs, homeopaths, supplements, and plant medicines. Our functional holistic doctor is expertly trained in a variety of modalities including kinesiology, homeopathy, clinical hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, and more. Prospective practice members and guests of our practice can choose to come to the practice for a single visit, a series of visits in a short-term care package, or a long-term care package. Throughout the process the functional holistic doctor reviews the data collected on the initial appointment as well as follow up appointments and customizes a treatment plan design for the individual. The role of the functional holistic doctor is to guide the patient by evaluating their data found in labs as well as questionnaires, education the patient on the findings, coaching them on the steps they can take to improve, as well as holding them accountable to completing their tasks. Our practice works step by step with the person to help them achieve their goals. Below are options to choose from to start with our practice. The person can choose a 15 mins wellness visit to be educated more about the practice, the provider, how the practice works, and how we can possibly help. The person can also choose to do a one-hour consultation where the provider educates the person about the practice in addition to taking a detailed health history. The follow up visit is included in the one-hour consultation where a comprehensive lab report is provided to review the findings and a treatment plan is assessed to balance the nutrient deficiencies, detoxification of organs, overall organ health and function as well as ways to prevent disease. A sick care visit is designed exclusively for acute conditions such as cough, cold, and flu symptoms that derive from bacteria, viruses, parasites, or acute yeast. A remedy is provided same day and we are an antibiotic free facility. The physical assessment looks at body composition, nutritional as well as metabolic assessment, ECG/EKG, as well as standard and custom vitals. These four options are available for anyone new to the practice seeking to add a functional holistic doctor to their healthcare team.

15 Mins
Wellness Visit

Complimentary Explanation of Practice Doctor Background Explanation of Practice Methodology Explanation of our practice model Conversation about your health state

One Hour
Consultation “$200”

Past, present health concerns and goals First two office visits Previous lab work & medical record review Review and explanation of findings Recommended treatment plan Recommended for chronic disease

Sick Visit

Acute Care – Designed for Cough, Cold, Flu
Same day assessment
Same day treatment
Antibiotic Free
Homeopathic or Herbal treatment

Physical Assessment

Nutritional Assessment
Body Composition
Metabolic Assessment
BP Analysis & Standard Vitals

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