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HAMPTON ROADS, Va. – Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but it is never too late to practice Self Love Practices from Holistic Family Dr. Erica Steele shares her top tips for practicing self-love everyday!

Chandler Nunnally 0:07
All right, welcome back. February, as they say is the month of love but so often people focus on the love they receive from other people like a lot of us on Valentine’s Day, but it’s important to create it for ourselves here to discuss the importance of self love and healthy relationships is Dr. Erica Steele from Holistic Family Practice in Virginia Beach. Dr. Steele. This is something that I’m really passionate about. I’m really excited to talk to you today. Thank you for joining the show. Of course. Thank you guys. for having me so much. I always love coming in because

I think this is something that a lot of people can relate to. I know I’ve definitely had Valentine’s Days in years past where I felt left out of the party. If I had more Self Love Practices from Holistic Family , that wouldn’t be an issue. How can people like me and our viewers at home learn to love themselves more?

Dr Steele 0:55
Yeah, well, I think it first begins with self concept and self concept is how you perceive yourself right? So if, if I’m always looking outside of myself for love, but then I’m lacking a healthy self concept. I’m never going to be able to receive the love that I so desperately want. So I say that’s the really the first key is knowing a healthy self concept. And that takes work right? How you perceive yourself, affirming to yourself every single day, every single moment. All of the wonderful things you’re really your self talk is really important.

Chandler Nunnally 1:29
How do you achieve that level of self awareness where you’re able to kind of exist inside your own head and not be caught up in all the negative thoughts? I mean, like I personally get caught up thinking about like mistakes that I’ve made in my past. Sometimes it’s like things I said throughout the day. That I feel bad about. I mean, it becomes like a tornado of negativity. How do I get out of that mindset?

Dr Steele 1:54
Yeah, so there’s two sides of your brain there’s your subconscious mind which houses your experiences, Self Love Practices from Holistic Family perceptions of those experiences, beliefs, etc, from the past, and then your conscious mind which is your logic your voice your reason your decision making, and they both have to agree, interestingly enough, and so really, it’s about releasing the past and letting go right if they can, if those two sides of your brain can agree, like I did the best that I can, you know, I’m working really diligently on fixing this I forgive myself. All of this affirmations of self love are so important. If you continue to beat yourself up mentally, over and over and over again. You’re really never going to love yourself or move forward in yourself healing.

Chandler Nunnally 2:37
We just had a great graphic up of five steps to self love specifically, there was one listed the mental diet. What does that mean? Yeah.

Dr Steele 2:46
That’s all that chatter, right? That’s the That’s all the things you’d like. I’ll give you an example. Right? So I was at the gas station yesterday. And you know, of course, gas prices are interesting right now. And I go, you know, immediately I said something negative about to gasp races, right. And immediately I caught myself I said, now we’re in an abundant universe, right? Money flows all the time, right? And so keeping a mental diet means that you’re present to what you’re telling yourself and really what you’re affirming to yourself every single day, every single moment. It does take work. Right so it’s not you know, an instant you know, tool that you can pick up but through practice and time and patience, you can definitely develop deeper self care strategies.

Chandler Nunnally 3:27
Number three on that list affirming self love, I had such a hard time with affirmations I can never believe the things that I’m trying to tell myself What advice would you have for somebody like in my situation.

Dr Steele 3:41
So state to kin to sleep is right when you’re about to go to sleep, right saying that affirmation that you want because it goes into the subconscious mind. Also playing it at low volume while you’re sleeping. And then first thing when you wake up, also creating that affirmation as well. So there are ways to kind of reprogram that subconscious mind and affirm it where you know, it leads into your day, right? So you’re affirming it right as you’re going to sleep while you’re sleeping right as you wake up and then that way it just naturally bleeds into the conscious mind and conscious awareness while you’re working.

Chandler Nunnally 4:15
Doctor Steele for viewers want to learn more about this. And by the way, thank you so much. I didn’t mean to turn this into a personal therapy session. extremely helpful, and I hope that it’s you know, valuable for the folks watching at home. Where can I send everybody if they want to learn more and if they want to talk to you?

Dr Steele 4:31
Yeah, so we have a free webinar coming up where we go into this topic much deeper self care, self love. It’s a free webinar also to create that self love and self care but also to create healthy relationships with other people.

Chandler Nunnally 4:44
Dr. Steele, thank you so much. There it is all the information 1213 Laskin Road Suite 108 staging6.holisticfamilypracticeva.com This has been such a valuable lesson for me. Thank you so much for coming on the show today.

Dr Steele 4:56
Awesome. Thank you.

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