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feng shui cleaning

As the planet renews itself each spring, it’s only natural that we’d all like to follow one of the season’s oldest customs: spring cleaning. Now we will chat about Feng Shui tips for home through Feng Shui Cleaning.

Think of spring cleaning as an enjoyable experience this year, not a dreary task.  This is a renewal and a purging of what no longer serves you from the winter. See it as an opportunity to apply Feng Shui cleaning concepts to your home and see what works and what doesn’t.

Things that most people haven’t touched in years pile up in their garages, basements, drawers, and attics. I know it does it my home, garden, and garage if I am not mindful and present. Things begin to accumulate as life becomes hectic and disorganized.

Accumulation of things causes stagnation and things to slow down

The accumulation of things in our houses stifles the flow of energy, leading to feelings of frustration, dissatisfaction, and exhaustion in our daily lives. In Feng shui cleaning we learn to declutter, organize, and let go of stagnation.

We need to keep things moving and flowing by changing things up and around. As one of the Feng Shui tips for home, consider every season letting go of things you no longer, use, enjoy, or are connected to.

This spring, think about how you want to decorate your house and how you want to conduct your life.

If there are aspects that you don’t want others to notice, focus on fixing or eliminating them in the process of Feng Shui cleaning your home.

For example, if your basement is littered with clutter, get rid of things you no longer use. If it’s not useful or beautiful, why have it? If you do not love it, need it, or bond with it- release it. Otherwise, it weighs you down energetically.

We get clarity when we get rid of items that no longer serve a purpose in our life.

When we get rid of things that are no longer useful to us, we let go of the past. Feng Shui tips for the home include releasing and connecting with the things in your world.

Enabling our lives to flow more smoothly means removing obstacles from the way of fresh opportunities. If you feel stagnant in your life, look to begin to remove things in your home as you incorporate more Feng shui tips for home.

So when you spring clean your home, think of it as removing old, stagnant energy and enabling fresh, positive energy to enter. Replace or add new things that bring joy happiness and peace while you are doing Feng Shui cleaning.

When the weather warms up, it will become a task you look forward to as you know how rewarding it will be afterward.

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