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Speaker 1 – It’s time now for another wellness minute with Dr. Erica Steele from holistic family practice in Virginia Beach. Emotional intelligence is the act of being self aware.

Speaker 2 – That means you are actively present to how you feel, and then learning coping strategies to be able to handle your emotions. It’s really important that we as parents teach our children emotional intelligence. For example, when you see your child getting frustrated, it’s really important for you to tell them, Oh, I see that you’re frustrated, and then giving them coping strategies to be able to handle that frustration. Developing Emotional Intelligence If you see them getting angry, go, Oh, I really see that you’re angry. Remember what we do with our anger, go ahead and take some

So it’s really important that we show our children what they need to do with their emotions because they feel so much and they don’t necessarily know what to do with those emotions. teaching your children emotional intelligence is incredibly important, especially because studies have shown that children with higher emotional intelligence are able to concentrate, they’re able to focus more as well as more importantly, Developing Emotional Intelligence build healthy relationships for years to come. If you don’t personally know how to have healthy emotional intelligence, it’s really important that you learn that so that you can teach your children

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