Doctors Share Their Real Weight Loss Secrets

weight loss secrets

Have you ever wondered how doctors or other health professionals really lose weight? Although not all medical professionals are slim, some seem to have discovered weight loss secrets that could help you how to lose weight naturally using rapid weight loss secrets.

Doctors often fight their own weight loss battles, so they’ve learned how to keep the pounds off and away. Long hours of studying, and very little sleep, then translate into long hours of working after you complete school. You can learn from their secrets and use them to lose weight too.

Try these effective techniques of how to lose weight naturally using these rapid weight loss secrets:

      1. Avoid watching the scale:

  • Doctors admit that they don’t pay attention to the bathroom scale. Instead of watching every pound they gain or lose, they share that they focus on how they feel, and how their clothes fit. This is done in real-time. If I eat a meal that didn’t work for me, I feel it and I shift after my next meal. Carefully track internally how my blood sugar feels and respond accordingly, especially with protein.
  • It’s more pleasing to watch your jeans or pants fit you better than to obsess about the numbers on the scale. Your weight will naturally fluctuate on a daily basis. This is mostly due to water retention, so it’s important to focus more on the big picture. I tend to hope on the Body Biometric Scale once a month to keep myself accountable.

    2. They count calories where it matters:

    Instead of calculating the calories in each piece of lettuce, most doctors pay attention to calories where they matter.

  • For example, they don’t worry about calories in fruits and vegetables because these foods have fiber and other nutrients that strengthen your health.
  • However, they pay close attention to the calories in snacks such as granola or trail mix. You may be surprised to learn how many empty calories are in some of your favorite snack foods. They may look healthy, but in reality, they pack in the calories. I especially pay attention to fat grams in all snacks and all foods and shoot for less than 6 grams of fat every time I eat, any more than that can bankrupt my progress of how to lose weight naturally using these rapid weight loss secrets.

    3. They pay attention to diet supplements:

    Sometimes, even doctors consider magic pills like diet supplements.

    diet supplements

  • What separates doctors from most consumers is that they carefully study the ingredients before they take any supplement. They understand that some of the ingredients can have serious side effects in addition to weight loss.
  • They also check with other professionals if they need more information. I also run my labs regularly and pay attention to how my body feels, especially my liver. As an under methylator, my liver can feel “clogged” at times which reminds me to take my B complexes.

    4. They avoid letting diet failures stop them:

    Doctors sometimes cheat and fail at their diets. After all, they are human. Failures will happen, but the way you respond to them matters. Doctors understand that they can start a diet again without issues. I always start again the next day. Every day is a new opportunity for me to hit my water goal, eat more protein, or work out again.

  • Many doctors admit that some of their diets haven’t worked in the past. Nevertheless, they’re always ready to start again and keep going to reach their weight loss goals.

    5. They understand stress eating:

    Their jobs are filled with stress, so they know that stress eating is a reality. However, they also know that when you eat because of stress, you can seriously damage your weight loss efforts.

  • Doctors have stressful jobs that often involve overtime and dealing with difficult patients. They also have to deal with late payments from patients, insurance companies, sales reps, difficult staff members, and huge medical school loans.
  • They’ve figured out other coping mechanisms to deal with the worry and anxiety that don’t involve food. One of the best ways to stop stress eating is to exercise or get active. Dancing, running, walking, or hiking can help you fight stress without adding extra calories to your day or night. Making a daily exercise routine even if it is just a walk around the block can be freeing.

Doctors know that weight loss is a long-term goal and not a short-term fight especially when learning how to lose weight naturally. You don’t have to invest in complicated programs to achieve long-term results. You can use rapid weight loss secrets from doctors to keep the pounds away and stay lean.

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