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Sometimes it is not easy to ask for help. Even still we may have had bad experiences in the past with therapists and mental health professionals. There are not always a lot of options for holistic mental health near me or finding a holistic mental health practitioner near me. My name is Dr Steele, and I believe, maybe you have come to the right place. But I will let you decide if I am a qualified holistic mental health practitioner for you. 

Let us begin with the basics shall we to see if you are needing the support of a holistic mental health practitioner. 

Ask yourself the following questions and truthfully answer yes or no.

Now if you are very honest you will get a good idea of where you are at emotionally to see if you need a holistic mental health practitioner near me

Think about the question a little, but not too long, and be natural in your reply, if it’s a no put no, if it’s yes, then write yes.

Do not try to make it something it is not, there is no right or wrong reply, there is simply where you are at right now.

Count up the number of no answers. If you don’t have any, you are exceptional.  YAY!! Awesome! You are a mental and emotional boss (or perhaps in denial.. xoxo)

A couple of no answers is normal and can easily be addressed on a more individual basis. We could all use personal growth and self development which is why I became a Holistic Mental Health Practitioner to teach people how to transform their health and well being by turning the practice of self help into a lifestyle. 

If, however, you answered no to more than five questions, there is a good chance you could benefit from working with a holistic mental health practitioner near me to help get you back on track with your mental, emotional, as well as physical health and wellbeing. 

The fact you are able to take this test is a good indicator that, with proper coaching and working with a holistic mental health practitioner, you will be just fine. Just don’t let it go until more answers turn to no. Complacency is the enemy of growth. When you do nothing, ignore, shut down, or pretend then you risk allowing certain aspects to snowball into greater challenges. 

You deserve to enjoy the best mental, emotional, and physical health possible. Don’t neglect it. Your mental, emotional, as well as spiritual health and well being directly impacts your physical health, which is why a holistic approach is so important. A holistic approach is important as we get to ALL of the underlying issues that are driving the imbalances. Sometimes there are chemical imbalances in the brain, sometimes there are nutritional imbalances, and even still there could be genetic implications that can be driving the behaviors and health of the individual. In any case, it is incredibly important to ensure that you take a holistic view of your health from all aspects so that you understand the full picture. That is why I do what I do- so everyone can see the big picture when it comes to their health.

And P.s – let’s not forget, that if you answered NO to taking responsibility for yourself, and yet you do this test and decide to get help, you have already taken responsibility and already turned a NO into a YES! You see, you are a hero and can do anything! I am here for you as a holistic mental health practitioner near me to help you to achieve your greatness. I do not judge you, condemn you, or underestimate you. As a holistic mental health practitioner, my job is to accept you, hold space for you and support you in your transformation.

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