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How many times have you gone to the doctor, expecting to uncover the cause of an underlying condition, only to leave without answers and a handful of prescription medications? Don’t get me wrong traditional medicine has its place, I just wish that its place holder came with it. Alas, the burning questions must be asked in order to seek the truth. Are doctors educated enough on how patients can be treated naturally? Do they understand nutritional components to health? And are they seeking the advice of alternative medicine practitioners for solutions? Herbal medicine, Herbal remedies, holistic medicine, alternative medicine, homeopathy medicine?

I wish the answers were so simple.

Traditional Medical doctors do not know all the answers. They are in practice like the rest of us. They do carry a certain allure that may mesmerize, but in the end they simply are human such as I. They make mistakes, rush out at the end of a shift to go home, and misjudge things that they overlook. They are not superhuman. They have medical degrees not magnetic force fields. They are armed with scalpels and stethoscopes, not potions and wands. They cannot cure cancer or fight disease. The body does this; they just facilitate and guess, educatedly. It is okay we all do it, however since when did a traditional medical practice become superior to anyone else’s? After all it still is a practice and an art to treat the body’s symptoms.

This is the root problem with traditional medical practice; treating the symptom. Since when has the effect been related to the cause? If you were bleeding out of nowhere would you put a bandage on without asking yourself how the bleeding occurred? Apparently so.


How much knowledge do MD’s have on natural medicine?

I checked Harvard Med’s curriculum, which I thought was a leader in the medical school industry to examine what wisdoms would be bestowed onto a rising series of doctors emerging into the patient care marketplace. In all the four year curriculum, no natural medicine, herbology, homeopathy, alternative medicine, integrative medicine, or the like is seen of any kind. What is even more interesting is that nutrition although mentioned as a cornerstone is not a required course. ODD?!? Is not how we feed our bodies, and regenerate cells a requirement? Perhaps they review that in pathology or molecular cellular based medicine. We can only hope.

Please review the curriculum for yourself as well as GOOGLE medical school curriculum. Naturopathic Medicine Schools and Chiropractic Schools have broad range nutritional education, however they are scrutinized for not being ‘complete’ doctors. Apparently prescriptions are a requirement for patient care. Harvard Medicine Curriculum

Which brings me to my next question; Do Medical Doctors or Traditional Medical Practitioners understand natural medicine practitioners? More importantly do they understand or know how to refer someone out of their scope?

My gut tells me NO. Otherwise, I would not get a series of patients who have been misdiagnoses with carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, and migraine headache with no relief outside of medicinal. Most of the time the only reason that I see these patients is because they have been offered surgery and they thought it was not a good idea. But how many patients slip through the cracks? How many patients unwittingly are convinced surgery is the answer without exhausting all nontraditional medicine. The truth is that we could never know that number because the victims still are unaware that they are victims. The perfect crime ~ a recipe for ignorance, the ignorant leading the ignorant or rather the naive being led by the ignorant. Take your health back! Ask questions, do not take what Traditional Doctors say as gospel, and question them like you do us; THEY ARE HUMAN LIKE EVERYONE ELSE and THEY ARE SICK LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

Knowledge is power: Get a second opinion

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