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There’s a lot of info out there about goal setting. Businesses routinely create goals and a lot of people start the new year with a list of fresh goals hoping to make positive changes in their lives. Goals are important. They represent ideas, hopes, and dreams. If you’ve set goals before you know the excitement of creating a vision and setting your sights on achieving it. Setting goals is important, but goals don’t mean anything if you don’t create a system instead of goals to reach them. Change your habits and change your life.

While goals are important, habits may actually be more important. Here are three reasons why-

Goals are Inspiring, Habits are Sustaining

Goals are Complex, Habits are Easy

Goals are Finite, Habits are Endless

Sustainability is more important than inspiration-

Goals can be very inspiring. Dreaming up new ideas can get anyone excited about the possibilities. In the goal-setting phase, nothing is off-limits. As the saying goes- if you can dream it you can do it, right? Not always. Goals are very inspiring and can get you motivated to make changes, but as soon as the motivation wanes, so does your inspiration. By creating a system instead of goals you create habits that are sustainable. Creating, engaging in, and adopting a habit morphs it into something automatic that you can do whether you are inspired to or not. Brushing your teeth doesn’t require inspiration, it simply happens because it’s a sustainable, routine hygiene habit. Change your habits, change your life!

Ease is more important than doing things the hard way-

Goals are complex because they don’t take into account roadblocks, unforeseen issues, or how realistic their achievement is. Goals are easily abandoned when they get hard because there isn’t a system in place to reach them. If you create a system instead of goals you begin to make habits that are easy because they are small. Done consistently, they become effortless. Building a system of habits may take time, but in the end, it’s easier to get where you want to go by adding easy-to-do habits together. Change your habits to change your life the easy way!

Building a lifetime of good habits is more important than reaching a goal-

Goals are finite. If you decide to run a marathon, your goal ends with the finish line. If you create a system instead of goals you begin to develop the habit of running each day, you have a life-long health habit that surpasses the goal of running a marathon. Setting a goal to make a specific amount of money by a certain due date is a great goal, but developing the habit of making consistent income and saving every time you are paid builds wealth.

Having goals is a great thing, but it’s more important to build habits that help you reach and surpass your goals. In the end, you can’t reach your goals without developing key habits that make it possible. If you would like to download our habit tracker please sign up for our email here:


3 Reasons Habits are More Important than goals


If you want to change your habits it is best you drop the goal setting and create a system instead of goals.


3 reasons habits are more important than goals are


Habits help you sustain, they are consistent, deliberate, and extend over a period of time.


Goals that are inspiring, we get very motivated when we first think of the goal – but then quickly get bored, frustrated, or stuck when we recognize what is involved.


Habits are easy bite-size pieces, that we work step by step whereas

Goals can be complex, multifaceted with a lot of steps


Habits are endless, they go on and on with many applications. A habit in one area of your life can easily help you in another. Take organization and the habit of putting things away after you are done with them. This habit can translate in an organized mind, organized emotions, and even organized time management.


Goals are finite and typical. We often set consistent goals like making a lot of money or meeting the partner of our dreams. Goals are big concepts, while habits are endless universal, and are versatile. A daily habit that supports you in one area of your life can also assist in another area of your life.


If you are ready to create a system instead of goals and change your habits. If you are interested in a habit tracker please sign up for our email list below and if you like these tips feel free to subscribe, share, and comment on your questions.

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