Food for thought about the connection between your gut and skin health on Coast Live

Gut health and skin

The skin has a very symbiotic relationship with the digestive tract. The digestive tract is a primary drainage pathway. It contains and is designed to eliminate various toxins through the digestive tract. The digestive tract may or may not be able to eliminate the toxicity from the body. There is a gut skin axis, which is the connection between the gut and the skin. This connection accounts for many dermatological imbalances.

The skin is a secondary drainage pathway, this is a location to which toxins drain out of the body when the other pathways are overwhelmed. The gut health and the skin have a very symbiotic relationship. They work together to eliminate toxins from the body. If there are imbalances within the digestive tract they will express things in the skin.

The gut microbiome has a host of bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungus. The microbiome provides a host of immunological as well as metabolic benefits. Just like the skin, the gut has a role in immunological protection. The gut microbiome influences the skin health and skin appearance. Studies have shown the effect the microbiome has on the skin barrier function. Improved skin barrier function decreases signs of skin inflammation. Intestinal dysbiosis, or imbalance in the microbiology of the gut, can have an effect of the skin.

When healing any skin conditions it is critical to heal the digestive tract. That means that you must work on your diet and ensuring that your diet is balanced. From there, it is important to be able to break down, digest, and assimilate nutrients in the diet. Even if you are eating a 100 percent healthy diet, that doesn’t mean that you are digesting and assimilating the nutrients. As we have enough nutrients, we are able to metabolize. As we metabolize nutrients, your body has the enough energy to detoxify. As you detoxify, your body is able to naturally eliminate which means that the skin can stay supple and healthy. If you need guidance on how to heal your gut, to heal your skin. Get in contact with our holistic medical experts today.