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We often discuss the need for forgiveness within our lives, but we seldom discover what happens in our human experience leading up to the discovery of the need to forgive. Communication is key to forgiveness. In our natural doing doing doing life, we avoid the practice of being, understanding, and experiencing the moment. We become squirrels in our ability to understand, interpret, and define subtle clues and trade that for large hammers over our head, telling us to wake up. Perhaps we need a google translator or the wake to notify us ahead of time of these not so pleasant discoveries, sadly many of us would ignore the signaling altogether, some would think they know better than the signaling, while alas others may just argue with the signaling… 1.2.3. Not it.

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Which flavor of self-denial, self-protection, and/or ego minded nature that we so choose the story is always the same. We suffer until we can no longer suffer anymore. Some of us suffer in relationships; some suffer in finances, others suffer in their health. Some suffer in all three. And the suffering runs deep. The real question is, why to choose to suffer. I think the answer lies in our unconscious mind and our lack of deep self-exploration and understanding. Truly all of the answers are within ourselves.

So if we are unable to identify the suffering that is within us on a deep cellular level because of a level of unconsciousness, this breeds self-contempt. This frequency of frustration, disappointment, anger, etc. buries itself deeply in our cell walls taking habitation until we are brave enough to open it. If we are not present with what is going on with ourselves at the moment, how are we able to communicate it clearly to another. We simply cannot. Many levels and forms of communication fall flat upon arrival. Let’s say I am unclear about my feelings and thoughts being triggered at this moment. I may or may not have the capacity to understand how I feel-1, interpret the cause of that feeling-2 take full responsibility for the feeling-3 to communicate that in a level headed non-destructive manner to another-4. I find if any one of those experiences of this formula falls short, flat, or otherwise does not work, trouble ensues.

The internal stress generates, the suffer commences, the lack of forgiveness really begins. This lack of forgiveness begins with the self — that internal frustration of not being able to honor oneself and our experience. Imagine trying to connect the dots, but you just keep missing, and even worse, every time you miss, you feel a small electrical impulse. All emotions, whether self-expressed or not, are a frequency underlying, which means that the frequency of these emotions breeds contempt, resentments, self-hatred, and, ultimately, a lack of self-forgiveness.

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A lack of communication leads to frustration, which leads to a lack of forgiveness of self and others, then eventually anger, resentment, and hatred. Imagine the frustration and then anger that ensues as a child is trying to get their own way tells you no and then falls out on the floor in protest. This very emotional process is what adults and children alike experience every day from the top/down. Thoughts and emotions gone unexpressed can become volatile as expressing those thoughts and emotions in an uncompromising, inflexible, and reactive manner.

In the first few sets of Kundalini classes this month, we explored the blockages around the life and the blockages within our communication. We explored how that effects our ability to heal, especially our immune systems. If these thoughts and feelings go unexpressed, they roam around our bodies and often get stuck within our lymphatic system. Moving these subconscious thoughts and emotions throughout our circulatory and lymphatic system frees up our ability to connect as well as express those feels and thoughts that have been left stagnant within the body.

I love the gentle yet effective practice of Kundalini as it moves subtle energies throughout our bodies, allowing our hearts to open and our conscious awareness to take hold of these deeply buried wounds. It is an excellent self-healing practice that can be used to transform any lack of forgiveness of self while also supercharging your immune system for years to come… Check out my classes:

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