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Women’s health

Womens health needs are complex. Women are often plagued with various challenges to include hormone imbalances, weight gain, chronic fatigue, and pain to name a few. It is important to take an organized approach to building the health of a women.

Women must balance the demands at home with the demands of maintaining their own health. Prioritizing self is key to building foundation to health. A woman who is healthy balances the demands of life while also maintaining their own health needs. Eating a healthy diet while also preparing and teaching their children healthy eating habits is key.

Often women come into our practice as they prioritize their health last. Prioritizing their health last is dangerous, and creates an unhealthy dynamic. Having a healthy lifestyle to include eating healthy, moving your body, expressing your emotions, and managing stress are keys to maintaining the overall health of the person.

women's health and diet

Known health risks for women include heart disease, stroke, depression, arthritis, etc which can be prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is important to work on building the health of a person. With the increase demands on women it is important to work on building health one day at a time.

Prenatal care is even more important as women tend to not prepare for pregnancy. Preparing at least one year prior to inception is key to stabilizing ones health prior to pregnancy. Many people do not prepare for pregnancy but instead get pregnant without thinking about the impact that a woman’s health will have on the babies development.

Preparation of pregnancy can help with a child’s overall health in the womb, developmental health, and of course healthy aging. Also raising your child based on the example that you are setting with living healthy is an excellent way to keep the health going generation after generation. Schedula a consultation with your holistic doctor and get on the path to wellness.