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Traumatic experiences leave their mark on the mind and the body leaving a person feeling broken. Experiencing trauma, whether it’s one time, or repeatedly, changes how the brain reacts to stress. Our bodies produce hormones that help deal with temporary stress. Over production of these hormones can keep the body in a state of hypervigilance that results in aches and pains throughout the body which can be one of the chronic pain cause. Some, but not all pain could include-

Studies linking chronic pain and trauma indicate that it’s possible that our bodies can react to single and repeated incidents of trauma long after the acuity or safety issues are gone. It is normal for someone to feel broken, with current aches and pains possibly may be rooted in past trauma.

Chronic Pain

Feeling Broken with Childhood Trauma and Chronic Pain Cause

The ACE, or Adverse Childhood Experiences, study was a partnership between the Centers for Disease Control and Keiser Permanente hospital to determine whether abuse, neglect, and loss during childhood could indicate risk factors for mental and physical illness in adulthood. The study identified categories of abuse, neglect, and loss and determined that the higher the number of traumatic experiences, the higher the likelihood of illness down the line. Data revealed an alarmingly high correlation between childhood trauma and a host of diseases, addictions, and illnesses including a link to chronic pain cause.

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Chronic Pain Cause

Many people think of veterans when they hear the term post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD, but military personnel are not the only ones who experience this disorder. PTSD occurs in people who have difficulty recovering from a traumatic, terrifying, or life-threatening event who often have a feeling broken. PTSD affects all races, genders, and age groups. Moreover, PTSD can lead to chronic issues including nightmares, intrusive thoughts or memories, isolating behaviors, depression and much more. Chronic pain cause is often associate with PTSD resulting from tension, over production of stress hormones, and other factors.


Your Chronic Pain Cause My be Originating from your Feeling Broken

Over 50 million people per year live with chronic pain. Most of them seek relief from their medical provider who is focused on their bodies. As a matter of fact, being told a pain is all in your head is considered an insult, but it’s possibly true. More and more physicians are looking beyond the possible physical triggers for pain and including the psychological origins too including feeling broken. If you have experienced trauma, even if it was long ago, you may be reacting physically to something psychological. We are able to help support you in your trauma, and help to balance the mental, physical, as well as emotional stress.

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