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Integrating supplements into your routine on Coast Live

In this video, Dr. Erica will talk about the supplements you should consider for your daily routine and diet plan. supplements to take daily is very essential for better health and lifestyle.

Another wellness medic with Dr. Erica steel from holistic family practice and supplements are used to support and not replace an unhealthy diet. When we supplement we use a process called similar cycling, which means we add a supplement in to help support the biochemical process.

And then we cycle the person opposite we typically use a three to one ratio for that an example of that would be proteins where we add B complexes or we add a B complex rather to a protein to help you to further digestion proteins. When we’re looking for supplements, you want to make sure that you look for a GMP-certified supplement, which is labeled for good manufacturing practices.

When we look for that we want to make sure that it has those good practices, so that doesn’t have any heavy metals or chemicals in it. When we supplement we’re using our lab. So if you’re looking to supplement yourself, make sure that you check with your doctor and have them draw your labs

supplements to take daily

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know about Dr. Erica

Dr. Erica Steele

At the time I had no idea that I would be a Naturopathic Doctor. My parents are both scholars, multi-degreed, and both instilled in me the desire to learn as well as think for myself. My mother was a nurse and is now a social worker, so for me, caretaking was considered common practice when helping people. She worked with a variety of patients in a variety of settings and while in school, also brought me with her to learn. As a young girl, I sat in organic chemistry classes and ran around labs learning complex structures prior to my maturity. This really created a deep understanding of how the body works on a cellular level and unknowingly prepared me to be a functional medicine practitioner.

The benefits of magnesium on Coast Live

This video is on the benefits of magnesium

Timeout for another wellness minute with Dr. Erica steel from holistic family practice in Virginia.

Magnesium is a mineral that the body uses in order to support so many chemical processes from lowering our blood pressure to helping our hearts to helping our muscles. It’s really important that over 50% of people are deficient in magnesium.

Deficiencies include difficulty sleeping, muscle pain, aches, weakness, and even cravings for sweets including chocolate. It’s really important that we get our daily magnesium so common forms include whole grains, nuts, and even our green vegetables have magnesium in them.

magnesium contained food

It’s really important that you check your magnesium levels with your doctor and make sure that you’re using food as well as over the counter supplements to help your body

Making the decision to be healthier by building healthy habits is important and literally changes your life. If you’ve recently been given a health diagnosis or you just want to make changes to healthy food habits, you may not know where to start. Stay calm and recognize that any changes you make are going to move you in the right direction.

Creating health-centered micro habits isn’t hard. Here are some dos and don’ts that will help.

Tips for staying hydrated and healthy on Coast Live

In this video, you will get Tips for staying hydrated and healthy

It is time now for another wellness minute with Dr. Erica’s holistic family practice in Virginia Beach. Drinking healthy water is really essential for your health and well-being.

However, there are so many different blocks of water to choose from now. So let’s explore those in this health tip. Alkaline water is best for detoxification.

So that means flushing the body of all of the chemicals as well as heavy metals that are found in the environment. Distilled water is great for cooking because it doesn’t change the taste or the flavor of your food. It also doesn’t contain minerals or any known toxins.

drink water

Spray water is great drinking water as well as reverse osmosis, which can be found in home units as well as in the store. Reverse osmosis as long as it has minerals in it. It’s also a really good drinking and cooking water. It’s important to replenish your body because dehydration can drive so many different distances.

These tips for staying hydrated will help stay healthy.

if you’re looking to manage your weight, maintain your weight rather than lose weight, you really want to be mindful of the calories you’re taking in. Learn more about why you should stop drinking your calories 


Stop Drinking Your Calories

This video is on how you can stop drinking your calories

drinking your calories

The time now for another wellness minute with Dr. Erica steel from holistic family practice.

if you’re looking to manage your weight, maintain your weight rather than lose weight, you really want to be mindful of the calories you’re taking in.

This helped him is about not drinking your calories. switching out your sugary drinks with things like carbonated water that don’t have any added fillers, or drinking black coffee versus putting all of the items in your coffee such as your milk as well as your sugar can really help to reduce that caloric intake.

Drinking adequate amounts of water, which consists of half your body weight analysis of water or more can help your body not only maintain your weight but also when we only have a certain number of calories that we can consume every single day and its energy in and energy out.

So drinking all of these calories really isn’t helpful if you’re looking to maintain your weight as well as lose weight.

Learn more about habits that will help you lose weight

We realize that weight loss is one of the largest challenges that we face on a daily basis which is why we developed a weight loss center in Virginia beach. Whether you’re trying to lose some weight for your friend’s wedding, or you simply want to take off a couple of pounds, making lifestyle changes is necessary to lose weight in our weight loss clinic in Virginia beach. Even though it is something that many people struggle with it.

Learn more about foods that you should avoid when you are in the weight loss process.

Maintaining Good Mental Health

This video is by Dr. Erica and she will describe maintaining good mental health and its effectiveness.

Mental Health

The time now for another wellness mentor with Dr. Erica Field from holistic family practice.

Self-concept relates to how you perceive yourself in the world. So your thoughts and your feelings all create your reality. And so making sure that you have a healthy self-concept is really important for your habits, your actions, and ultimately your behaviors as well as your lifestyles. affirming to yourself every single day that you’re healthy, you’re vibrant and your whole all concrete, healthy actions of health throughout the day.

Taking those affirmations right before bed, meaning saying them to yourself as well as right when you wake up, ensures that throughout the day you’re having a healthy mental diet. A healthy mental diet looks like being able to express and communicate to yourself throughout the day what it is you want with your health.

So I’m healthy. I’m happy, I’m whole and vibrant. Doing so can allow for your actions and your behaviors such as eating healthy or drinking water to carry through throughout the day. Having a healthy self-concept can allow you to be able to have a healthy and vibrant lifestyle for years to come.