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This Video is about holistic health journey

Welcome back time now for another wellness minute with Dr. Erica Steele from holistic family practice. In Virginia Beach.

Holistic Health doctor for your holistic health journey
Modern and traditional medical, Alternative organic herbal drug and chemical medicine, Integrating various treatment healthcare.

Video Transcript

Holistic doctors provide education on how the body works, coaching in your appointments for you to achieve your goals and accountability to get the results that you’re looking for. The mental and emotional state impacts the physical health and well being which impacts your lifestyle, your habits, your behaviors, your thoughts, create your emotions, your emotions, create your actions, your actions, create your behaviors, your behaviors, create your lifestyle. So when we’re looking at coaching, we’re helping people to see their blind spots to get you back on track. An example of that would be somebody who is trying to achieve their health goals through their diet and they continue to sabotage, we’re going to look holistically at the mental emotional as well as environmental things that could be contributing to that. So accountability is when we hold you accountable to achieving your health goals. Sometimes it may not be comfortable, but we make sure you’re tracking your food, you’re moving your body, you’re doing self care, as well as participating fully in your health care. And that’s how we take a look at your health in a holistic way.


At the time I had no idea that I would be a Naturopathic Doctor. My parents are both scholars, multi-degreed, and both instilled in me the desire to learn as well as think for myself. My mother was a nurse and is now a social worker, so for me, caretaking was considered common practice when helping people. She worked with a variety of patients in a variety of settings and while in school, also brought me with her to learn. As a young girl, I sat in organic chemistry classes and ran around labs learning complex structures prior to my maturity. This really created a deep understanding of how the body works on a cellular level and unknowingly prepared me to be a functional medicine practitioner.

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Sugar Cravings

Managing Sugar Cravings By Dr. Erica Steele

This video is on Managing Sugar Cravings by Dr. Erica Steele

Video Transcript

Wellness better with Dr. Erica family practice in Virginia Beach managing your sugar cravings is key to improving your immune system keep your body stable as well as healthy. We want to make sure we keep balanced blood sugar. And when you’re constantly eating foods that have sugar or sugar-like substances and you’re driving unhealthy bacteria growing off your blood sugar, as well as reducing dopamine. Dopamine acts as a pleasure center in the brain. So as you’re you’re continuing to eat sugar mimics that response within the brain which depletes your brain. We want to ensure that you reduce your sugar cravings by increasing your proteins, specifically your lean proteins which have rich amino acids, reducing your high glycemic fruits and vegetables. So does your breads your pastas, your rice, but even your parents as well as your warriors and things of that regard. We want to ensure to that you’re using natural things to increase dopamine levels, such as exercising or taking a walk or even meditating to be able to allow the brain to relax naturally in its natural state. Making sure that you’re not continually driving the sugar cravings is important for overall brain health, but also immune system health as well over a long period of time.

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Diabetes Prevention

A holistic doctor discusses brain health

Detox for Spring with Dr. Erica Steele

This video is by Dr. Erica Steele. In this video, she is talking about how to Detox for Spring.

Video Transcript 

Healthier lifestyle habits and today Dr. Erica Steele from holistic family practice in Virginia Beach is here to discuss one of the latest health beds and his detoxification we talked a lot about it goes live. Dr. Siegel, welcome back to the show. It’s great. Steven, thank you so much for having me again. Let’s talk about this detoxification. What is it for folks who don’t know and why should people look in?

Yeah, so detoxification is the process of reading your body of environmental toxins. We have metabolic in products with your waste products from just our metabolism, but then we also are detoxifying from all the different chemicals that are in our environment. Alright, so what sort of symptoms might somebody be experiencing in detoxing that’s going to be in their best interests?

So excessive sweating body odor is one of those things that fatigue, brain fog, gassing, bloating, constipation. Those are all typical symptoms that somebody really needs to detoxify their organs. I’ve got quite a few of those on the list.
Alright, so let’s say that somebody’s not any particular guy, daytime talk show host in particular, I had some of these symptoms. Why would the talks be the best options?

Vacation number one, especially in spring, it’s a great transition, because we tend to eat heavier in the winter. And then we transition to eating lighter in the spring works is the summer we’re more active and that kind of thing. So detoxification can be a really healthy tool for overall Oregon health and function as well as hygiene where time you brush your teeth are taught to take a shower, those sorts of things. are not necessarily taught to detoxify our organs and how to do expire organs. A lot of that is is detoxifying your diet, right like eating pure foods. Is that right? Yeah, a lot of times I tend to advise patients, if they’re going to do it themselves without a health care professional is to start just with their food, right? So we tend to know what we’re eating and what we’re not eating. That’s healthy, right? We tend to know if we’re eating junk. We’re eating processed foods, those sorts of things. So eliminating those but there’s also some really popular food based detoxes such as like the Daniel fast or the whole 30 which remove all of the pro inflammatory foods that are in the in the in the diet and then we detoxify our bodies naturally just by removing those things.

Detox for Spring

And you’ve talked a lot about this on our show. In your segment, the holistic wellness minute, we had just one yesterday about cracking better metabolism in your body and right so once we take care of our diets, what’s next for somebody?

So once you look at your diet, then that would be used for we’ll use homeopathy. A lot of times I’ll look at labs to be able to determine that a funny story. The first time I’ve ever detoxified somebody I’m like you know, brand new naturopath I was like you know what, I’m just gonna go do it, wing it. And the patient actually got really sick and she called me up as like, oh my gosh, what did I do? I ran labs and looked at her adrenals which are stress lamps. She was a busy real estate agent and they were just exhausted her electrolytes were just in the toilet and so when I learned that I was never going to detoxify somebody without looking at their labs because there’s so many things that you really just don’t know she was, you know, super busy, high energy, but then your body needs extra energy in order to detoxify. So I always look at labs, so of course I can review somebody’s labs for them. We also have a 21 day detox program and we have some webinars coming up as well to really educate you more because that’s really important, especially if you have a diagnosis or you’re on medications or things like that. Yeah, speaking of your webinars here and you’re going into more detail about detoxification one coming up soon how can we watch it?
Yeah, so we have it, it’s an online webinar. You can text your office, they’ll give you a link links on our website, on our socials, etc. And so you’ll be able to tune in then and it’s an hour long and I’ll educate you from beginning to end. I always love to educate people about how they can live naturally. Dr. Erica Steele, you always teach me so much I will learn so much every time I talk to you. Thank you so much for coming on the show and I can’t wait to talk to you next time. Awesome. Sounds good. Have a great day. You too

A lesson in hormone imbalances


How to balance female hormones naturally

Many women these days struggle with hormone imbalances. The impact of birth control, estrogen dominance, and various endotoxins within our system contribute to hormone imbalances. There are many natural hormone balancing supplements available but how do you know if these are going to truly help the hormones.

Unfortunately, naturally balancing female hormones is not a simple process. Majority of the hormonal system is housed in the digestive system, which means that unless you balance the digestive system the hormonal system will not come into balance.

Many women can have a variety of symptoms from hormone imbalance, including hot flashes, weight gain, hair loss just to name a few. Mood swings can also be a symptom of hormone imbalance. People seek natural hormone balancing supplements, but there are truly no quick fixes to hormone balance.

Metabolic syndrome

Healing the digestive system is the number one priority in hormone healing. Balancing the gut microbiome, as well as balancing the adrenal glands is critical in hormone healing. The adrenal glands are the stress glands in the body. They sit above your kidneys, and they throw off all of the hormones including the thyroid, progesterone, estrogen, etc.

Synthetic hormones can be dangerous to the system when used improperly, so it is critical to have your labs checked regularly when you are taking any synthetic hormones. Bioidentical hormones can be a good alternative to hormone therapy. Bioidentical hormones can move with the body, which can help reduce side effects. The hormones are an enigmatic system which moves with the body. The hormones are not a fixed system like your skeletal or muscular system. These are not the only answers to hormonal imbalance. Naturally, hormone imbalance may step from stress response, lipid oxidation, heavy metal toxicity, poor gut health, etc.

Reviewing lab work, lifestyle habits, toxic exposures, etc can be helpful to rebalance health of the hormones.

Master Your Time: A Holistic Wellness Minute with Dr. Steele

This video is on how you can master your time by Dr. Erica steel

time management

Video Transcript 

It’s time now for another wellness candidate with Dr. Erica steel from holistic family practice in Virginia Beach.

Mastering your time can help you to live a more stress-free life more empowered and more relaxed as you’re choosing to be the cause of your day. Being the cause of the day allows you to sit down and actually plan your time. And so when you’re sitting down, being intentional about not only what you want to do, what you want to create, but how you want to feel throughout, you’re creating your day step by step and looking at all the things you want to accomplish.

Sometimes I’ll look at three tasks, maybe five tasks, but I set realistic expectations for myself to be able to create my day flowing from one task to another chunking your time can really help to be able to fit everything in that you want. So I chunk some time for family time, sometimes for work time, sometimes even for sleep, we make sure that we chunk each individual task so that we get everything accomplished.

Having grace can help you not be so hard on yourself as you incorporate all of these tips to help not only empower you but also master your time.

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