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Coast Live: Healthy eating tips from Dr. Erica Steele

Dr. Steele: Incorporating vegetables into the diet can be challenging, especially for those people that are picky eaters. Oftentimes, we’ll use a blender to be able to blend veggies into the diet so we can hide all of the vegetables from the picky eater. We also want to start with our sweet vegetables because those […]

Coast Live: Start your holistic health journey

[quickview-button product-id=” 21001″]   This Video is about holistic health journey Welcome back time now for another wellness minute with Dr. Erica Steele from holistic family practice. In Virginia Beach. Video Transcript Holistic doctors provide education on how the body works, coaching in your appointments for you to achieve your goals and accountability to get […]

Managing Sugar Cravings By Dr. Erica Steele

Sugar Cravings

This video is on Managing Sugar Cravings by Dr. Erica Steele Video Transcript Wellness better with Dr. Erica family practice in Virginia Beach managing your sugar cravings is key to improving your immune system keep your body stable as well as healthy. We want to make sure we keep balanced blood sugar. And when you’re […]

Detox for Spring with Dr. Erica Steele

Springtime Detox Program with Dr. Erica | Holistic Family Practice

This video is by Dr. Erica Steele. In this video, she is talking about how to Detox for Spring. Video Transcript¬† Healthier lifestyle habits and today Dr. Erica Steele from holistic family practice in Virginia Beach is here to discuss one of the latest health beds and his detoxification we talked a lot about it […]

A lesson in hormone imbalances

¬† How to balance female hormones naturally Many women these days struggle with hormone imbalances. The impact of birth control, estrogen dominance, and various endotoxins within our system contribute to hormone imbalances. There are many natural hormone balancing supplements available but how do you know if these are going to truly help the hormones. Unfortunately, […]