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Developing A Success Mindset

developing a success mindset, growth mindset

Coming across a motivational video, quote or just someone doing something, the thought of achieving our goals often strikes our mind if we are looking to create a growth mindset. Unfortunately, for many of us, that rush of optimism lasts no longer than a day and is not continually supported by actions towards the goal. Developing […]

How To Do Breathwork

breathwork benefits, how to do breathwork

It’s easy to forget that we are all breathing, and without it, life is not possible (Duh!) Breathwork benefits all organ systems by providing oxygen to the cells, organs, and tissues of the body.  But have you ever noticed how your breath changes depending on whether you’re relaxed or under stress? If you are stressed, […]

Human Behavior Theories

human behavior theories, types of human behavior

Human behavior theories have been studied for a long time, and thanks to various research bodies and wearable technological gadgets, types of human behavior have been better understood by many. Human behavior Theories shouldn’t be mistaken for social behavior as both have different meanings; the former is influenced by cultures, emotions, genetics, authority, etc.  While […]

How to Improve Self Esteem

Improve Self Esteem

Have you ever thought “I don’t like myself”? Well, sure you have and, believe me, you’re not the only one. Low self esteem is something that plagues many people. Many people seek to find how to improve self esteem.  There are many logical answers you can give yourself as an answer to the question. But, […]

GABA dosage for weight loss

Gaba dosage for weight loss

Most people have never heard of GABA, but it’s actually one of the most important molecules in the body. Gaba helps the body to be able to stay relaxed and at ease. High stress levels can lead to not only weight gain but severe anxiety.  Gaba dosage for severe anxiety can help support the body. […]