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Kundalini Yoga for Beginners

Speaker 1: Yoga is good for your mind and muscles, but what about your nervous system? Kundalini Yoga focuses on resetting your body’s energy. And Dr. Erica Steele from Holistic Family Practice in Virginia Beach is here to show us some moves. And you brought some folks with. I know I did. I did. So you got Drew Arun and.

Speaker 2: Yeah, some of my fellow Kini teachers.

Speaker 1: Okay. Tell me a little bit about this. I’d never heard of this type of yoga.

Speaker 2: Yeah. Kini is so different from than traditional half of yoga. Okay. And the reason why? Because it’s more of a technology. Oh. So it’s a technology that you can use for life.

So let’s say you’re angry for some reason. Okay. I get, I don’t know, a couple we’ll get, yeah, exactly. There are specific areas of meditation, pros, which are breath work that precisely targets. Those particular unhealthy emotions are trapped in our subconscious minds.

Speaker 1: Wow. So can you do it anywhere? Anywhere, everywhere. So like at the office, if I get mad at doing, I could; I’m Kundalini right now. I close my door and breath of fire. Yeah, exactly. All the time. Tired. Yeah. Which we’ll do today. I was gonna say that and sound good, though. It’s perfect. Okay, cool. Brings blood. Flow to your brain opens up your lungs and helps that solar plexus. So your personal power, self-love, self-worth, self-appreciation. Now, how is this different from Hot yoga or some of

Speaker 2: the other types? Yeah, so there’s no hot Okay. In component, other than the heat that you’re generating from your breath, right? I find it’s a little more of an adjustment. Stick practice is a lot more vigorous in terms of just the breathing and the pro; it really moves a lot of energy.

Okay. So people often move stuck emotions that they have very quickly and effortlessly, which is fantastic. How long have you been doing it? So, my first time doing Kline Yoga was the first day of my teacher training. Oh wow. Yeah. Yeah. In fact, Drew’s wife Kelly called me and said, oh my gosh, you’ve gotta try this.

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Speaker 2: And I was like, okay. So I showed up, and I’ve been just hooked ever since. It’s amazing. Okay. It moves things so fast. Really? It could have been stuck for years.

Speaker 1: Oh my gosh. I can’t wait. Okay. Know. So tell me’s a fire.

Speaker 2: Breathe. The fire may go. We’re gonna do that, yeah. So the breath of fire, the way that it works is all we’re gonna do is just in and out. So like dog pants, right? Okay. But your mouth is gonna be closed, so you’re gonna.

Speaker 1: Oh, that’s what I do. When little kids do that. When they get mad.

Speaker 2: Exactly. And then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna do ego eradicate. Okay? So we’re gonna close our fists. We’ll bring ourselves up to a 90-degree, 60, excuse me, 60-degree angle. The one thing, too, is we’re gonna tune in quickly, so we wanna always tune in. Guru Dave Namo. So that’s just tuning into the golden. Okay. Of all the other teachers before us that came, including Yogi Bud. Okay, so if we cue the music now, we’ve tuned in. We’re tuned in. So now, let’s go ahead and breathe fire. Okay. So for about a minute. So

Speaker 2: keep going. , you. All right. Big inhale. Go ahead and tap your thumbs together. Open up your palms.

Speaker 1: there we go. Not good if you have a little.

Speaker 2: Sinuses going on there. Not really, but it could clear you. Okay, but you notice that all the energy comes to your head, and feel more energized. It also helps your lungs. ELE is cool because it balances the nervous system, so it balances those hemispheres in the brain.

Speaker 2: Okay. So a lot of the different techniques have a lot of angles. So you notice we did that 60-degree angle. Yeah. There are a lot of other postures that have various grades. Unfortunately, science hasn’t quite gotten caught up to all of the fantastic benefits of this.

Speaker 1: So, are you seeing your patients have a significant difference coming? Oh my gosh. The differences.

Speaker 2: So people that have had things that have been stuck for years are talking about what? Anger from childhood? Or difficulty with somebody passing away. Lack of forgiveness of self for others or any kind of stagnated emotion. We haven’t reached where we really understand the effects of emotion on our health.

We’re now reaching that pinnacle where we understand things like cancers. They develop due to long-term anger, hatred, and resentment, right? That has been. Precisely that has been internalized. So this is a great tool and technique that anybody can use to just cut these things and transform them right at the source.

Speaker 1: Okay. Now, for religious people, is this a religion, or is this so something? No, absolutely. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, it’s really a technology. Like I said, it’s a tool, And you have a special We do. Okay.

Speaker 2: Exactly. And, in fact, you can. Kini Yoga. I don’t know if it came on this screen. You could text Kini Yoga. Yeah. And then Mondays, usually every Monday, at Reiki Wellness and Meditation Center. So separate from my practice. We don’t have space there, but I teach kids yoga classes. What, this month we were talking all about personal power. Self-love, self-worth, self-acceptance. So

Speaker 1: Wow. I’m gonna put on my little white outfit. I know. Now you’ve got Exactly. And there’s more information on how you can get in touch with Dr. Steele. Thank you, guys, so much. I didn’t have the opportunity to talk to you, but I watched your moves, and you’re doing great. Thank you.


Creating balance with your health

Speaker 1: You know, let’s face it, modern moms have a lot on their plates and dads too these days from Creating Health Balance, homeschooling, working from home, caregiving, cooking, all of those things, their own health can often become neglected. Dr. Erica Steele from Holistic Family Practice in Virginia Beach joins us now with some self care advice. We need that. Dr. Steele.

Speaker 2: Yes, we definitely do need that, especially in this new school. There’s a lot of new challenges that are being presented that weren’t necessarily the case last year. And so I really wanna just share some tips for moms and dads as well, who were just really overwhelmed, overloaded.

I’m hearing story after story about, computer issues on the first day and internet issues on the first day. And so a lot of people can really internalize those things and turn it into a negative thing,

Speaker 1: right? So what tips are you giving moms about, making sure they take care of themselves?

Speaker 2: Yes. So number one, this may be an A, a, an intuitive, non-intuitive tip, but creating a schedule and a structure is so important. I think so many women skip that. They have a running list in their mind of what needs to happen and what needs to get done, but then they wake up, the alarm goes off, oh my gosh, I’ve got a whole bunch of things to do, and they just jump into the day.

And so then that type of behavior and that type of frantic energy. Carries them throughout the entire day. Oh my goodness. And that goodness’s just really not gonna work. When you’re trying to do so many things all at once.

Creating health balance

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Speaker 1: And I saw one picture and it was a woman looking like she was pulling her hair out. So is that the impact of you women not taking care of themselves? So Creating Health Balance.

Speaker 2: Oh my gosh. It, that’s just really shows how we internalize things. It’s like outwardly, everything’s really crazy. And then instead of handling what’s out here and really owning what’s out here, like we’ve got some really powerful.

Superwomen that really don’t realize how powerful they are. And so what they’ll do is they’ll internalize all of it and then implode. It’s like you take a little bit, and then it’s meltdown Citi. And so we can prevent that by really understanding no, I can handle this. can do this. I manage things, I can get things done. I just need to organize my. Organize my schedule. I need to tell my time what to do.

Speaker 1: Let’s stay there about organizing your time. 24 hours, that’s all you get, but can you manage it better?

Speaker 2: Oh yeah, for sure. In 168 hours a week is what we have H each one of us. And I often say you have the same time as Oprah, Tony Robbins. I have that same time, and you would be amazed at all of the things that I get done in a 24 hour span. It’s because I tell my time what to do. and I block things off. My, my morning routine, the first hour, I’m meditating, I’m working out, I’m getting some breakfast in my system.

I’m really setting that tone for the day. I need that time, right? And so you may not have an hour to spare, but you can do 15 minutes, you can do five minutes even. You really just have to start that day in a. State. And then I love to do this segment intended exercise where I tell myself, wouldn’t it be great if, and then I fill in the blank and I go through all the things in my schedule to creating health balance.

women Creating Health Balance

Wouldn’t it be great if you, my workout went really well. Wouldn’t it be great if my coast live interview went really awesome and I reached all these people, right? And I just go through my day and I really set that intention and that tone for the day. And then you would be amazed at just how.

Your stress level comes down and you’re like, oh, okay. I can handle the internet going down on virtual learning. I can handle the kids running around and nobody wants to focus. And we’re looking at,

Speaker 1: I’m sorry, Erica . Keep going. No, you’re good. . Yes, you’re good. I didn’t mean to step on you there, but I was so excited cuz I saw your e-book is available and it’s free.

So here’s a.

Speaker 2: Yes. So many moms have asked me, oh my gosh, can you write some stuff? So if you text our business number 7 5 7 6 8 5 4 3 2 5, get time, my staff will email you the ebook and it’s got tons of tips in it for you and anyone else that really wants to gain mastery over their time.

Speaker 1: All right, Dr. Steele, thank you so much for being with us today.

Age Gracefully and Healthy

To Age Gracefully and Healthy

Speaker 1: they say Healthy aging is just a number, but there are some practical tips. That can help you grow old gracefully and stay in the best Healthy Aging possible. Dr. Erica Steele from Holistic Virginia Practice in family practice in Virginia Beaches here with tips. Thank you so much for coming in.

Speaker 2: Yes, of course.

Speaker 1: Yeah. Okay. So how do we do it gracefully?

Speaker 2: Yes. So I think we take ourselves entirely too seriously. Okay. Honestly. All right. So I think lightening up and sometimes Have you noticed this? People that seem like they’re easily offended, like they’re just waiting to be offended?

Speaker 1: Yeah, I know a few, yeah.

Speaker 2: Yeah. Maybe a couple. And they’re really uptight and really stressed out and everything is a big drama trauma. Those are the people that are aging quickly. Oh, so you gotta reduce stress. Totally. Okay. Exactly. And laugh. Okay. Mostly at yourself. Okay. Okay. Because we’re all human. We all have these human experiences, right? Yes. And just be easy. Learn to really be easy with self because it’s all about mindset. , we’ve talked about this before, previously, about mindset and having positive energy and. Really just being more upbeat. We have two perspectives. We can look at things optimistically, we can look at things pessimistically. , we can look at the world as a dangerous place or we can look at the world as an incredible place filled with opportunity. The choice is up to us. Really.

Speaker 1: Okay. So half empty or half full now. Yeah. I have a question about the stress though, because Okay. I’m laughing at myself. I got that part down, . As you are committed to doing more things and your children and your parents and your jobs, It’s hard not to be stressed out about situations that we can’t control.

Healthy Aging

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Speaker 2: Do you know why we get stressed out about those things? No, cuz we can’t control them. At least that’s me. Of course. And people love control, and I used to love control. I’m in a support group of letting go of control. Oh, okay. . Because the only thing I’m joking and the only thing to truly. Have control over is really nothing. It’s an illusion. Okay. And so I think that happens when we lose ourselves, we lose how powerful we are. We forget that we are creators and we can just go out and create anything that we want to achieve. Okay. And then with that comes, our codependency and relationships. . So we’re always doing, especially moms.

Especially women. , we’re always doing for everyone else. And it. I’m the last person on the list, but really, we should be the first person on the list. Oh, each and every one of us. . And so what that looks like is taking time for ourselves, drinking water, exercising, relaxing, even if it’s just 5, 10, 15 minutes, when my daughter was little, I, she has no airs to the bathroom door. However, e even then it was like, okay, if I have five minutes to just breathe right. And believe you, me, I put myself through. School. I was a mom. I still am a mom. Naturally. I’ve built practices.

I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life, so I get it like busy. I love busy. But I don’t lose myself in the busy.

Speaker 1: Got it. I get it. Okay. So you also talked about exercise. So if you’re trying to age gracefully, so meaning you haven’t aged yet. Yeah. What are some of the tips to, getting in that exercise and is there a particular type of exercise? Should I be doing the chin things to, so I don’t get that double chin.

Speaker 2: Holding your brother. Yeah. No, it’s really just about movement, right? , and from a habit perspective, it’s more of movement that you enjoy, right? Okay. So if you don’t like spin class, Don’t go and try to pain yourself through spin class.
Good cuz I know I don’t, I love spin class. Do you? I know I have a Peloton. It. Oh my god. I love it. I can’t get, I’m into it. Oh my gosh. But the best exercise

Speaker 1: I love is sleeping. Is that exercise.

women sleep

Speaker 2: You know what? Sleeping actually helps you age gracefully. What? Yes. Okay. So I love that. I can do that. Yeah. Wasn’t it Ariana Huffington Huffing post, she did the big expose about sleeping because the busier you. A lot of times what we trim out is sleep. And honestly, I’m guilty about myself. Okay.

Speaker 1: So do you think that men, women are gonna outlive men because they sleep more?

Speaker 2: I think women are gonna outlive men because we’re more conscious of our Healthy aging. Oh, see, men still have that. We talked about that in men’s Healthy aging. , men still have have that caveman philosophy if it’s. It’s not broken. Don’t fix it. Like my leg is hanging off. Oh gosh, I’m bleeding, but I’m okay. There’s that kind of primitive, primal, I don’t wanna show weakness sort of thing. women were very, were more in tune and I think. The more that we really come into our own as women, we’re gonna recognize that we are very intuitive and we really know what not only we need, but also our families too. Okay.

Speaker 1: So how do people find you, Dr. Steele?

Speaker 2: Yeah our practice is on Laskin Road., holistic family practice va.com. Those are, that’s our website. 757) 685-4325 is our telephone number. They can always come to classes. And we also have two consultation options available.

Speaker 1: And thank you for the free session.

Speaker 2: Of course. I appreciate it. Thank you so much.


Keeping children healthy this school year

Speaker 1: Difficult time for parents with the stresses of back to school and the pandemic. So how can you keep your Keeping Children healthy this fall? Dr. Erica Steele from Holistic Family Practice in Virginia Beach joins us now with some advice. Dr. Steele, your glowing, it’s so good to see you.

Speaker 2: Thank you so much for having me again. Thank you.

Speaker 1: I know parents, they’re stressed. What can they do to ensure their Keeping Children healthy are. As some of them are going back to school.

Speaker 2: Yeah, exactly. And I think the tendency is to go towards fear rather than logic and reason and what can I do and that sort of thing. So my goal really, and my intention is really to shift parents out of. The fear mindset and more into the, okay, what? What are the practical skills and tools that we can do? Because children are gonna model behavior. So if the parents are like, oh my gosh, the kids are gonna be like, oh my gosh. And so we really wanna make sure to model, model that healthy behavior.
So we really wanna teach them how to be well, how to be healthy, and do that by first making sure that we’re Keeping Children healthy and we’re well. That’s very, I.

Speaker 1: That’s a great point because if one of us has anxiety, then the kids are gonna pick up on that anxiety and that’s gonna cause more problems and have that snowball effect.

Yes. So you wanna teach them to be well, and that includes eating too.

Speaker 2: It includes eating well. And so if you’re like, oh my gosh, I’ve gotta go to this, I’ve gotta go to that, let’s go through this. Drive through, throwing the chicken nuggets in the backseat, those are not healthy habits.
Those are habits that are actually now being a part of what that child believes is Keeping Children healthy . So I find that if we start talking to children about Oh, what’s a vegetable and how, what does it mean to be healthy and how do you be strong? They pick up so quickly. It’s amazing what they, pick up.

healty food

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I have a 16 year old daughter and she knows about nutrition. She knows about eating Keeping Children healthy . She knows how to. Stay. She knows about exercise. So much to the point that she really owns that information and that’s what we want. We want our children to own their health and not just wait for somebody else to say, eat your vegetables. That’s an old paradigm. .

Speaker 1: Yeah, you don’t wanna hear that. That doesn’t get you anywhere. I think the role that you play as a holistic healthcare provider is crucial to children, and a lot of people are now starting to think outside the box. We’re relying that, so go into that a little deeper.

Speaker 2: Yeah. So as a holistic doctor, our role is really that, that public health education, teaching parents how to be better parents, more efficient parents, healthier parents. I oftentimes will work with mom initially and teach her what it means to be healthy and then work with the kids. I always say too, like in my practice, the parents have all the rules.

The kids are good, they pick up so quick. So we teach ’em about drinking water. We teach ’em about eating healthy. We teach ’em even about emotions. And so as they start to build that communication, cuz we often forget that children don’t have language, like we have language. They haven’t learned that.

So they haven’t connected with the Body Mind connection in terms of, oh, I feel angry, or I feel. Frustrated or I feel sad. . And then also too, we’re so busy in survival mode that we really forget, oh wait a second. Dad has to work out of the home a lot. How is that impacting the kids? Have I sat down and talked to the kids and said, Hey, the reason Daddy you know goes here and goes there?

It’s not because you’re bad, you’re wrong cuz children are still in the ib. They think the world is revolving around them, which in a lot of ways it. But we’re so busy in survival mode as parents that we forget to stop and say, wait a second, how is this child perceiving this? And what stories are they gonna make up?

Keeping Children Healthy

Yes. Unconsciously yes. About what’s actually happening. So important. So we tend to break all those core beliefs down.

Speaker 1: Absolutely. And really quick before we go, I know you’ve got some classes you wanted to highlight.

Speaker 2: We totally have some classes coming. I think one’s on a Monday, one’s on a Wednesday, and we have Saturday. They’re all virtual right now, just to help with easing, the spread of the virus and being able to really be supportive. So an hour of your time and I educate you more how you can make sure that your children get off to the good start. And

Speaker 1: Dr. Steele, you’re the best. Thank you so much.

Speaker 2: Oh, thank you so much for having me. It’s always a pleasure.

Speaker 1: Aw. All right, we’ll see you soon.


Treating chronic disease with integrative medicine

Speaker 1: Welcome back. Diseases can be challenging, and many people don’t understand. Joining us today to discuss chronic illnesses and integrative medicine is Dr. Erica Steele of Holistic Family Practice in Virginia Beach, with the top hat on. How are you doing? Happy New Year.

Speaker 2: Happy New Year.

Speaker 1: You are glowing as always. Okay. We’re talking about chronic disease, so this is a serious topic. Yeah. What type of people with chronic illness do you work with?

Speaker 2: Oh my gosh, so many people. , so your typical hypertension. Okay. Diabetes, metabolic syndrome, overweight people, thyroid conditions, cancers, autoimmunity, you name it, I’ve seen; I’ve been in practice a long time, so I’ve seen just about.

Speaker 1: All right. So how are you trying to work with their primary doctors and make it an integrative system?

Speaker 2: Yeah. A lot of stigma says that I’m an alternative doctor. Okay. Which is not valid. I actually don’t practice alternative medicine. It needs more science.

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They have to ditch their other doctor and then come to me. And that’s not the case a lot of times. So patients need an allopathic doctor for medication management, especially if they come in and they already have a chronic disease. So the last thing we wanna do is pull that medication and then let’s say their blood pressure shoots up are very dangerous, or their glucose shoots up, which is really dangerous.

So I always work alongside allopathic doctors, from endocrinologists to card. To internal med oncologist, you name it, I’ve,

Speaker 1: okay. And how does the partnership work? How do you guys stay on one page?

Speaker 2: Yeah, so they manage the disease. That’s what they’re trained to do, to look for, identify and diagnose the disease process and address that. And I’m really taught about the health of the patient. Okay. So that’s why when you go to your medical doctor and ask them questions about nutrition, Supplements, or things like that, they’re like, I don’t know. Or they give you really outdated information because, or general information. Because they need to be trained in that, where we’re really trained at building the health of the person.

So if you build the person’s health, the body was made to heal itself, and it can and will heal itself if given the right environment.

Speaker 1: Okay. So what have been some of the results of the experience? Oh my gosh. Of health.

Speaker 2: Oh gosh. This is why I do what I do. Yeah, because it’s so amazing. See, people really get their lives back. They can have more energy, play with their kids, and run around with their grandkids. Travel sometimes even changes relationship statuses because that was the source of the problem. So yeah, it’s incredible, and I feel so grateful to see so many transformations in people’s lives.

Speaker 1: live their best life. Cuz that’s the phrase that was so 2022. Exactly. Exactly. We’re dragging into 2023. So what are some of the? That you can give viewers now that may be suffering from chronic disease.

Speaker 2: First things first. Simply put, mindset is critical. So you have to decide. That’s the first thing, right? If you don’t decide that you’re gonna get well, then forget it. Nothing anybody can say; I don’t care what kind of doctor you are, it’s not gonna help, right? So make a decision then. Simple things. Sleep. We, you guys, talked about that. No happy boo. I know. No nap, boo.Exactly. Water is important. Half your body weight ounces in water. And it’s also important; many people think they’re doing what they must do. So they come in, and they’re like, I ask ’em, how much water do you drink? And they’re like, oh, I drink an, I drink a ton of water. Come to find out, the only drink, like 32 ounces of water. How many do you need now? So half your body weight and ounces in water. Yeah,

Speaker 1: that’s a calculation. Chandler to come out here, calculate it on the spot.

Speaker 2: I’ll be very vulnerable. Okay. So mine would be about 80. Okay. Ounces of water per day. Wow. So that’s a lot of water. Yeah, it is.

Speaker 1: All right. So I have so many questions. You answer so many, but I live with so many. Do you have an open house where people can get some questions?

Speaker 2: Yes, we do. We have a virtual open house. So, we’re pretty much gonna take people through the practice so they can see how we do what we do. We take a lot of data on patients, and that’s also a misconception that we’re pseudoscience or don’t do much data when we take it. So much data on patients, right? Because our goal is to educate the patient on what the data means, coach them around practically what they need to do, and then hold them accountable to achieve results.

Speaker 1: Okay. And what are you saying in your office right now? Are you seeing the RSV, the Covid and Oh, and the flu?

Speaker 2: Oh yeah, that’s. Been going on forever. Oh. So it’s nothing new to us. Okay. Yeah. It’s not that I know. Everybody’s oh my God. That’s like another day in the life. Yeah. We catch respiratory issues. We want to ensure you know it doesn’t become pneumonia. And things like that. We try to build people’s immune systems and educate them early. So October timeframe, educate them on what they need to do. Stabilize their immune system rather than like reactive houses on fire. Grab the hose. Oh my gosh. Got it. We are proactive.

Speaker 1: Dr. Erica Steele, thank you so much. Awesome. Thank you. We appreciate it. All right.