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Being your authentic self is something that we strive for in our lives. When you think about it, it’s rather funny. We strive for something that we were born with, trying desperately to get back to a state where we were free, self expressed, and creative. Homeopathy teaches us that physical manifestation of disease is the last, perhaps called dis-ease which can sometimes prohibt you from being your authentic self. A breakdown of spiritual, mental, emotional, and psychosocial aspects manifests into physical disease processes in the body. Repressed thoughts, feelings, ideas, unspoken circumstances, and stories we tell ourselves to feed into our in authenticity. But how does this thing called inauthentic begin.

Starting at birth we are conceived into a loving or unloving, we are accepted, or we are shocking feared– as if our innocence was a question. We are born, after being carried around in a gentle flowing, womb. We can feel and hear everything around us, even if we are unable to understand. Suddenly our universe shifts and we begin our decent into the world. The transition can be gentle, easy, and rhythmic, or most often shocking, scary, and sometimes inhumane with loud noises, bright lights, and sometimes even metal equipment rendering us life. We cry, we take our first breath of air, we meet our mothers for the first time, perhaps there is a father present, perhaps not. Sometimes even we don’t even meet our birth mother.

So many variables, so little time. Suddenly we discover our life begins to unfold before us and we trust and believe the many stories of those around us. This I believe is the beginning of our inauthentic life as we assimilate the messages around us. Some of us believe what we are told, while others learn from what is not being spoken or understood. There is a small percentage who makes decision for themselves yet it is always based off of external stimulus. All of these factors can cause you from being your authentic self in the long run.

The world becomes our teacher and it teaches us what is good, what is bad, what is right, and what is wrong. These rigid absolutes stifle us from creativity and further suppress our self expression. As we grow up we learn how to fear, how to be stifled, we learn from consequence, and cause and effect. Sometimes we fail, sometimes we succeed, sometimes we are resilient, sometimes we are not. Life begins to become heavy and we continue to find ourselves unrecognizable in the face of circumstance. We slip deeper into victimhood, we avoid responsibility. We view life as a burden. We become suppressed,repressed, and transgress. Life becomes an endless charade of self deprivation desperately seeking validation, understanding, acceptance, if we are truly honest with our way of being in the moment. Imagine what you could do if you were 100% free, would you quit your job? Would you have a job? Would you be married to the person you are married to? Would you have children? Would you not? What would you say? How would you live your life?

    I am committed to living the life I love. I am one of the lucky ones I suppose, I love my career–it was chosen, not always easy, but truly a love and a passion of mine. I am further committed to building families, helping support the nucleus of life. Supporting wives and mothers to live free authentic lives, helping them as the backbone of their families. Assisting them to support their children, allowing them to live authentic lives free to express and free to be who they are, molding and shaping them, teaching them how to navigate through life.

Being the spiritual center of the home and guiding their husbands, while providing that nurturing, loving, safe space for them to come to when their strength needs empathy. I am committed to each and everyone to live the life they love, free to express, create, and be free. Able to communicate, and share with others exactly what is on their mind, in a manner that leaves others fully supported, impassioned, and enlivened. As I learn more and more each day the impact of words, I stand for people in the area of their health, not only creating the health they imagine, but also educating them about their health. Instead of telling them, showing them, allowing them to see for themselves what is possible.

I facilitate breakthroughs in the area of relationships, health, prosperity, and freedom of expression through resolving and becoming complete with all the inauthentic aspects that hold people back from unadulterated self expression. My vision is to live in a world freely self expressed. Imagine the impact of some of our largest struggles as human beings. If we are all living authentically, living the life we love, saying what we need to say, and leaving other people feeling more whole than they were when we found them. I can see a world filled with love and self acceptance if you can learn with being your authentic self.

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