Stop Drinking Your Calories

This video is on how you can stop drinking your calories

drinking your calories

The time now for another wellness minute with Dr. Erica steel from holistic family practice.

if you’re looking to manage your weight, maintain your weight rather than lose weight, you really want to be mindful of the calories you’re taking in.

This helped him is about not drinking your calories. switching out your sugary drinks with things like carbonated water that don’t have any added fillers, or drinking black coffee versus putting all of the items in your coffee such as your milk as well as your sugar can really help to reduce that caloric intake.

Drinking adequate amounts of water, which consists of half your body weight analysis of water or more can help your body not only maintain your weight but also when we only have a certain number of calories that we can consume every single day and its energy in and energy out.

So drinking all of these calories really isn’t helpful if you’re looking to maintain your weight as well as lose weight.

Learn more about habits that will help you lose weight

We realize that weight loss is one of the largest challenges that we face on a daily basis which is why we developed a weight loss center in Virginia beach. Whether you’re trying to lose some weight for your friend’s wedding, or you simply want to take off a couple of pounds, making lifestyle changes is necessary to lose weight in our weight loss clinic in Virginia beach. Even though it is something that many people struggle with it.

Learn more about foods that you should avoid when you are in the weight loss process.

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