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Coast Live: Healthy eating tips from Dr. Erica Steele

Dr. Steele: Incorporating vegetables into the diet can be challenging, especially for those people that are picky eaters. Oftentimes, we’ll use a blender to be able to blend veggies into the diet so we can hide all of the vegetables from the picky eater. We also want to start with our sweet vegetables because those […]

Meal Prep for the Week: Ideas and Tips for Easy and Healthy Eating

Meal Prep for the Week: Ideas and Tips for Easy & Healthy Eating

Are you tired of scrambling to put together meals at the last minute? Do you struggle to make healthy choices when you’re short on time? Meal prepping for the week is a great solution to these problems. By spending a little time on the weekend preparing meals and snacks for the week ahead, you can […]

Organic Acid Test Near Me: Understanding OAT and Its Benefits

As a holistic doctor and functional medicine doctor, one of the tests that I often recommend to my patients is the Organic Acid Test (OAT). In this article, we’ll explore what the OAT is, who can benefit from taking the test, why we run it, and what information you may gain from running the test. […]