Are You a Highly Sensitive Person? Signs Your Are Overly Sensitive

Dr. Elaine Aron defines the highly sensitive person as someone who “has a sensitive nervous system, is aware of subtleties in his/her surroundings, and is more easily overwhelmed when in a highly stimulating environment.” At our alternative naturopathic center, we often see sensitive humans and teach them how to navigate life through teaching them coping skills. 

It’s estimated that as many as 20% of the population could be classified as highly sensitive. So, you’re not alone if you believe that you’re highly sensitive. This might sound like a defect, but it can be very valuable to be highly sensitive. At a holistic center near me, we teach you how to use your high sensitivity for your highest good to transform.

Highly sensitive people tend to be very thoughtful, creative, and intelligent. They can also be great partners. You have a lot to offer if you’re highly sensitive, and our alternative naturopathic center is designed to teach you as well as your partner how to live as a highly sensitive human. 

At a holistic center near me we discuss several characteristics that suggest you might be a highly sensitive person:

  • Your feelings are easily hurt. Do your feelings seem to be hurt more easily than those of the average person? This is a common theme in those that are highly sensitive. Highly sensitive people can feel quite a bit from other people. They can feel other people’s emotional upsets, and tensions which can effect the highly sensitive person. The challenge is to recognize what emotions are there’s and what emotions are other peoples, which is a part of what we teach you in an alternative naturopathic center.
  • Negative thoughts and emotions consume a lot of your time. Do you spend a lot of time dealing with negative thoughts and emotions? This can be draining and exhausting to experience negative thoughts and emotions all of the time. At a holistic center near me, we teach people the skills and the tools necessary to get well and heal.
  • Difficulty accepting criticism even if it’s accurate and constructive. Criticism isn’t easy for most people to hear, but is it devastating for you? Are you greatly upset by any type of criticism? Does criticism make you want to quit? This can be from previous programming where criticism made you feel bad, wrong, or judged. At our alternative naturopathic center, we teach you how to remain coachable, be open, and heal. We can help you to distinguish what is your “stuff” and their “stuff” so you can truly heal.
Stressed woman
  • Overreaction to perceived slights or mild insults. When someone fails to say “hello” to you, does it bother you a lot? Do you assume the worst when someone slights you or makes a questionable comment? At an alternative naturopathic center, we work with you on all of these perceptions and help you create healthy boundaries between you and other people. We also help you determine your perceptions and distinguish what if any learnings can come from these triggers.
  • Easily overstimulated by crowds, too much activity, bright lights, loud noises, or strong odors. Do you avoid places with a lot of people or loud noise? Do strong odors bother you? Are you easily overstimulated in general? A holistic center near me creates a calming healing environment designed to allow you to relax and not be over stimulated. We create a center for healing.
  • Easily upset by negative news media. When you watch or read about negative news stories, are you bothered more than most others you know? Watching or listening to the news media can create upsets which can lead to emotional reactions. These reactions often are not necessary when we are looking at self healing.
  • You enjoy spending time alone. Do you truly enjoy spending time by yourself? When you’re alone, do you like to keep things simple and quiet? Or, do you listen to loud music while playing video games? We often experience those that are more introverted at our alternative naturopathic center, until we help them find freedom through the process of becoming a practice member. We offer a step by step approach to help people transform. 
  • Does it drive you crazy when you have something in your shoe? Do scratchy fabrics drive you nuts? This is another good indicator that you might be highly sensitive. At a holistic center near me, we often encounter those with texture and touch sensitivities. We work to establish neurological or mineral deficiencies that may be contributing to the texture sensitivity.
highly sensitive

At our alternative naturopathic center we have discovered these advantages of being highly sensitive:

  1. More empathetic. If you’re highly sensitive, you can relate more easily to the emotions of others. It’s almost like you know what everyone is thinking and feeling. You can interpret other peoples thoughts and emotions while helping them through those thoughts and feelings.
  2. More aware of social cues. Highly sensitive people are very aware of social cues like body language, facial expressions, and how to use and interpret personal space. This can be designed for safety but it also helpful in communication. At a holistic center near me, we can help you to read body language and help you to determine the best communication style to be used.
  3. More alert to changes in environment. You know when something has changed, or items are out of place. You can feel when the mood of a room has changed. This is why learning about Feng Shui and the use of color is so helpful for you to help you feel safe, secure, and comfortable in your environment. We are able to teach you how to design your environment at our alternative naturopathic center.
  4. Able to enjoy subtle things. You can notice small things and appreciate them. You’re more likely to enjoy looking at art, a butterfly, or the clouds than the average person. This is almost like a superpower. You can entertain yourself with simple things. Subtly is a cornerstone of a holistic center near me, as it helps to determine the things missing or things that need support in the area of your health. Relationships, environment, mental and emotional states all impact your physical health so understanding these things is key to your recovery. 
highly sensitive people

It’s easy to see how these characteristics would be useful in art, negotiating, or working in counseling. There are many ways to use these abilities to your advantage. Embracing who you are, knowing how to transform these “feelings” into practical tools, and then using them to create the life you want is key to success. 

There are also fields that you should probably avoid if you want to feel happy and peaceful. Working on the bond trading floor in Manhattan probably isn’t your cup of tea. Selling door-to-door probably doesn’t appeal to you either.

Use your natural strengths and avoid your natural weaknesses. This is always good advice if you want to be happy and successful.