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This acute care plan is designed for those who have aggressive disease process and require specialized attention to include unlimited lab work reviews, 12 general visits, 24 basic detox services, comprehensive physical, and lifestyle package to monitor and measure health progress. We work integrative with all specialists on the case and coordinate care between providers. We hold your hand through the process, spend time with you, and educate you about the process of healing. We provide mental, emotional, as well as spiritual support while we assist in facilitating healthcare advocacy.

Comprehensive Physical

This appointment reviews a detailed health history and subjective analysis of your health concerns to include signs, symptoms, previous diagnosis, genetic predispositions, as well as lifestyle habits that negatively impact your health.

Sick Care Visits

These visits are designed for acute care concerns such as cough, cold, flu like symptoms. We identify and treat root causes of these symptoms of bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites, chemical, heavy metal, or foodreactions. We do provide a remedy the same day and do not useantibiotics for treatment.

Review of Findings

These appointments are designed to review labs to assess progress. We asses labs from a reference range perspective as well as a functional medicine perspective to review nutrient deficiencies, accumulated toxicities, overall organ health and function, as well as areas of prevention.

General Visits

These are the working appointments of acute care plans. These appointments we review overall progress of your care to include nutrition, mind-body medicine, toxic load assessments, detoxification of specific organs, and recommendations of deeper diagnostic assessments. These appointments include coaching, education, and accountability to help you achieve your health goals one step at a time.

Basic Detox Services

The basic detox services use the bodies own ability to detoxify and prepares the body for internal organ detoxes. The basic detox services include infrared dry sauna, basic steam, ionic foot detox, and biota. These appointments can be used in combination with each other or individually.

Lifestyle Package

This package includes custom education to help you have a deeper understanding of concepts reviewed in general visits. This package includes unlimited metabolic assessments, a meal tracking app, and ongoing measurements of progress. We track everything to measure your success in the acute care program.

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