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Immune system support with home remedies

The immune system is an amazing self healing organism. It is able to heal and support itself’s ability to heal. Even if the body becomes infected with something it does not mean the immune system is not working. Actually, quite the opposite. Many people are curious as to how to increase immunity home remedies. Which home remedies for cold and flu are out there that can help support the immune system when it is overwhelmed with pathogens.

Pathogens are foreign invaders to the system. They are bacteria, viruses, fungus, and even parasites. Many home remedies for cold and flu are designed to kill these invaders while also draining them out of the system. We also support the nutrients within the body first and first most as a strong support for the bodies ability to heal itself. Sometimes this by itself is strong enough to kick the immune system in gear and other times it needs additional support in order to kill invaders. Holistic care must be taken when working to support the bodies ability to heal itself.

How to increase immunity home remedies depends on what type of pathogen is found in the system. Once a person is tested (usually with AK testing), then we can determine what home remedies for flu and cough make the most sense. There is no one size fit all approach to how to increase immunity home remedies. Herbs may work best for some, where homeopaths are the best choice for some. It is important to distinguish and identify which option is best for you as everyone is different. Also, each type of infection is treated differently. Bacterias are treated differently than viruses, which are treated differently than fungus, and of course parasites. Each pathogen is treated differently within the body.