Master Your Time: A Holistic Wellness Minute with Dr. Steele

This video is on how you can master your time by Dr. Erica steel

time management

Video Transcript 

It’s time now for another wellness candidate with Dr. Erica steel from holistic family practice in Virginia Beach.

Mastering your time can help you to live a more stress-free life more empowered and more relaxed as you’re choosing to be the cause of your day. Being the cause of the day allows you to sit down and actually plan your time. And so when you’re sitting down, being intentional about not only what you want to do, what you want to create, but how you want to feel throughout, you’re creating your day step by step and looking at all the things you want to accomplish.

Sometimes I’ll look at three tasks, maybe five tasks, but I set realistic expectations for myself to be able to create my day flowing from one task to another chunking your time can really help to be able to fit everything in that you want. So I chunk some time for family time, sometimes for work time, sometimes even for sleep, we make sure that we chunk each individual task so that we get everything accomplished.

Having grace can help you not be so hard on yourself as you incorporate all of these tips to help not only empower you but also master your time.

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