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How to improve your brain health

Many people are concerned with ways to keep the brain healthy and are unsure as to how to support brain-health. Holistic Family Practice has you covered. Brain health is mapped out in several facets. The first aspect of creating brain health is diet. Reducing sugar, unhealthy grains, and saturated fat can help decrease the risk of developing dietary related challenges with the brain.

brain health

From there, it is key to maintain a healthy liver, and a healthy digestive system. It is true that the gut and brain is connected to brainhealth. Without a healthy gut, it is difficult to have a healthy brain. Brain fog, confusion, memory loss etc can be a sign that there is imbalance within the gut microbiome. The gut has billions of microorganisms in it that all are responsible for assisting so many biological processes within the body.

From anxiety to skin conditions the microbiome has influence on so many chemical processes within the body. Therefore, if you want to balance and heal any of the other system it requires you to balance the GI system. If there are any pathogens such as bacteria, molds, etc those need to be cleaned out before you are able to reinoculate the digestive system.

Once you have rebalanced the digestive tract, then you can work towards healing the neurotransmitters or the endocrine pathways. It takes awhile for the physiology of the digestive tract to become compromised to the point that the other systems feel the impact. The challenge is that most people do not notice the subtle imbalances within the digestive, therefore these symptoms grow and then later manifest into other areas. It is key to be mindful of how the body feels in the moment and work to stabilize the minor imbalances within the body.