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Every parent wants to raise children that go on to be happy and successful. Many parents are seeking out for the help of a holistic practitioner near me to help support them through the process of developing and raising a successful child. As a parent, there is a lot you can teach your child that will help them to thrive throughout their life to build holistic health near me. The habits and characteristics for success are most easily learned in childhood, as there is less resistance during developmental years. 

Once poor beliefs and habits are established, they’re tough to extinguish and we often have to work harder to reestablish healthy habits to create holistic health near me. For example, anyone that’s tried to lose weight knows how tough it can be to just change your eating habits. Especially if they have tried over and over again. We often see the struggle of dieting as holistic practitioners near me work to help to uncover the root causes of these conditions. Starting a child off on the right footing can create a foundation for health and well being. 

Consider the things that have helped you to be successful. Holistic health near me teaches not only can you learn from those situations yourself, but you can also use those stories to your children’s benefit! Also, think about the things that have prevented you from being more successful. Creating relatability is what a holistic practitioner near me does to ensure empathy, support, and compassion for struggles. 

Learning from your past successes and mistakes is invaluable. The lessons you learn can be taught to your children. This makes failing a natural part of the learning processes while also provides them encouragement over the effort it takes to create success. 

As a Holistic Practitioner Near me We Use these strategies to help your children learn how to succeed:

  1. Teach your child to be a finisher. Many adults would be much more successful if they could just finish what they start. Holistic health near me teaches patients the role of integrity, which is ensuring your words and your actions align. Too many people put in a lot of time and effort, only to quit before the job is complete or the goal is attained. This is nothing more than a bad habit that is built and can turn into a self sabotaging behavior where if something becomes hard we stop before the miracle. Raising children that are finishers will substantially increase their chances of success.
    • As things come up, address them. Encourage your child to finish out the baseball season, even if he wants to quit. Validate his feelings and help him to be aware that even though in this moment he may have certain feelings these feelings may pass over time.
    • Chores and homework are other good opportunities to learn how to finish a task. Do not allow your children to rush through or party finish tasks they don’t want to do. This begins to build resistance around doing things we do not want to do and gets them comfortable with having a lack of integrity. As a holistic practitioner near me, we often teach our children about integrity and keeping their word. Simply things like rushing through, not putting their names on their paper, and not completing things they find annoying or boring can manifest into bigger resistances later on in life.
  2. Teach your child to do what needs to be done and to do it in a timely manner. This is the opposite of procrastination. This means studying for a test plenty of time before the test is given. It means doing homework before playing video games. Holistic health near me looks at the relationship of the whole. Meaning if I only have 24 hours in a day and I use x amount of time on this non productive task, and xx amount of time on a productive task I will be able to fit in all of it.
  3. Ask your child what they need to do and then make them do it. In time, the grumbling will lessen. They will get the hang of it and feel more relaxed and less pressure with the little bits every day they are using to complete the task.
  4. Teach your child to be okay with failure. Most children are overly sensitive about being judged by their peers. Children are often afraid to try anything unless they feel certain they’ll experience success. Teach your child that failure is okay and natural. Teach them how to reframe any thing they fail at my saying that they are making an effort. Use the big analogy, how many times do you fall down before you ride sort of thing. As a holistic health practitioner, we often use real life examples and analogies to explain points.
Tips for Raising Children
  1. Keep your child physically active. As a holistic practitioner near me we teach the health of the whole. When active children sleep better, keep their blood sugar in check, and eat better they have a better chance at doing better at math. Successful people are more likely to be healthy and physically active. Tell your child to turn off the TV and go outside to play. Staying active building endorphins and keep the body fit and healthy. Holistic health near me includes the encouragement of physical exercise as a part of a child’s lifestyle. Think about riding bikes, swimming, playing basketball together as a family to encourage bonding and physical activity. Physical activity is something that is neglected when raising children.
  2. Love your child. A loved child is a braver child. Children that are confident that their parents love them are more likely to take risks. We could all use more confidence! Ensure that your child is 100% confident of your love for them. Tell them often, consider doing a test to determine their love language. Some children feel loved from acts of service, some from personal time, others from words of affirmation or physical touch. Find out what your child’s love language is and continue to express love to them in that manner. Love is crucial when raising children.
  3. Teach your child to persevere. This might be the greatest characteristic you can instill in your child. We all know someone that is marginally intelligent, skilled, and talented, yet always seems to succeed. Those that persevere are successful far more often than not when the smoke clears. Resilience is a key character trait that everyone needs in life. One a situation occurs, teach them how to pick themselves up dust themselves off and keeping going. Often times in life, it is a marathon and not a sprint. They will need to learn presence, being in the moment, and being grateful. Consider having them do a gratitude journal every day to celebrate their successes.
  4. Set a good example. This last tip is critical. Your child is always watching you for clues of what to believe and how to act. You can’t act one way and expect your child to act another, regardless of your words. Show your child how to be successful by being successful yourself. Exhibit the traits listed above. If you struggle with any of the examples above, we are here for you as a holistic health practitioner near me, both within Virginia as well as Nationwide through Telehealth. 

Teach your children the important lessons they won’t learn in school. Success is little more than a consistently followed set of behaviors and attitudes that are effective in our society.

Avoid forcing your child to figure out for themselves how to succeed in the world. Share your wisdom with them, and ensure they know how much you love them. Do your best to be a good example of how a successful person faces the world.