5 Tips to Unite and Elevate your Mind Body and Soul

Mind Body and Soul

Do you know what it takes to unite and elevate your body, mind, and soul?  If you did, do you realize that you would be able to achieve the balance that nearly everyone wishes they had in their lives? 

Do you know what you need to do for yourself in order to bring about this balance of mind body and soul?

Part of uniting these three elements of your person is knowing what makes you passionate.  Knowing what makes you passionate will help you get in touch with your soul, feel creative energy, and feel truly alive.  Spiritual or creative passion can help you to achieve those feelings. 

Whether it’s through faith, music, or some other type of artistic expression, you must find what will awaken your soul in order to strike balance in your life.  Your mind body and soul is craving all of these aspects of self to elevate your mind body and soul.

Here are some tips to guide you to elevate your mind body and soul

Some journal Prompts Include:

  • What are your goals for the future for your mind body and soul?  
  • What would you like to ultimately achieve in your life? 
  • What would elevate your mind body and soul?
  • Is it spiritual enlightenment? 
  • Is it social status?  
  • Or is it merely to be the best person you can be, and make a contribution to society? 

What is important, though, is the process by which you attain your ultimate goal.  That is what will generate your passion.

Try to focus on the positive, and do not dwell on the negative: 

Work to develop gratitude for where you are in the journey of personal growth and self-development.

Recall your accomplishments and good deeds.  Doing this will help keep you positive and keep your spirit up. Being mindful of what you have accomplished is helpful to elevate your mind body and soul. If you constantly remind yourself of your mistakes, you will find it harder to succeed down the road, and your mind-body, and soul will work against you.

Meditate – You’ve heard of finding your happy place right? 

This form of meditation helps you take your mind and spirit to a comfortable place that fills you with happiness.  This is an ideal thing to do when you are in the middle of a stressful day at work or with the kids; it provides the perfect opportunity to regroup. Meditation can be as simple as taking 5 mins to breathe consciously to doing a guided meditation.

Spark a change: 

Plan a vacation, even if it is just for a weekend.  Nothing does the mind-body and soul better than a little change of scenery.  Go where you will be happy and be able to let loose and have some fun.  Try it on your own.  It might sound scary, but you will be surprised at how relaxed and refreshed you will be after a weekend all to yourself!

Try some daily affirmations: 

Pick three things that you can say out loud in the mirror that will help you stay centered, positive, and focused.  Saying something often enough has the power to make it true for you.  Remember not to dwell on the negative, focus on the positive.  

Three basic affirmations that you can work from include:

  • I am safe and secure, happy and healthy.
  • The Universe gives me everything that I need.
  • My income will continue to increase.

Doing these affirmations right when you wake up and 5 mins before you go to bed can help you to be able to reframe the subconscious mind so that you are consciously shifting your perception to elevate your mind body and soul.

I hope this helps you to get started on finding the happy place within and uniting mind body and soul and coming into a peaceful alignment.

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