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Eating healthy is a skill. Some of us acquire this skill while others miss the mark. Disease can develop as a result of poor eating habits, so what is a person to do? In this month-long healthy eating program, patients can learn how to eat healthy while uncovering the blocks that prevent them from maintaining healthy eating habits. Detoxing your body will help better your mental health as well.

Positive Nutrition -

Patients learn unhealthy food choices, what those foods do to the body, how to prepare and maintain a healthy food habit while setting the stage for success. Students are provided a grocery list of healthy food items to work from during the class and participate in a our to learn about healthy eating.

Discover Nutrition -

Patients select from predetermined menus and begin to build healthy meal plans for themselves while working to maintain newly established skills both in and out of the kitchen. Patients participate in a group training course.

Building Nutrition -

Steady as it goes while patients continue to work on their skills and uncover triggers that prevent them from maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle. Students also turn in their final project for the class: their own healthy eating program.

Maintain Nutrition -

During graduation week, students have become mindful of their triggers, continue to work to maintain healthy eating habits, and follow their own healthy eating regimen as they ensure success.

This course is designed for those who are wanting to explore the process of eating healthy, what it means to eat healthy, and an easy pre planned meal plan, and meal planning course.

About Dr Steele

Dr. Erica Steele is a naturopathic doctor, functional medicine practitioner, integrative medicine practitioner, and public health educator with a private practice in Virginia Beach Va who treats people all over the globe.

Dr. Steele offers a unique evidence based, scientifically proven holistic approach to helping people heal chronic disease. Her approach addresses the root cause of imbalances in health. She is a public health expert on holistic medicine, naturopathy,
integrative medicine, and natural healthcare sciences.

Dr. Steele has been in natural healthcare practice for 20 years, holds 6 degrees in her field, and has treated well over 30,000K patients in clinical practice.

She is a public health educator for many healthcare professionals including physicians, mental health professionals, and health coaches. She is looking to create a network of holistic medical professionals to support those suffering from health challenges.

I am Ready to
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The Process

Once you check out you will be sent an email with access to the course as well as instructions to request your app access. My staff will send you your app and you can either take the course via our website or the app. Through the app you will have daily tasks, tracking, workbooks assignments, and videos to review to track your progress and keep you moving forward towards your health goals.

We are excited for you to
explore healthy eating!