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Stop Trying to Change Too Much Too Soon

If you’ve ever gotten the bug to make radical changes, then made a bunch of sweeping decisions only to wind up confused, overwhelmed, and defeated, you likely tried to change too much too soon. Too many life changes can create stress and overwhelm for the mind as you learn how to change your lifestyle to […]

Shoot for Sustainable Micro Habits- Less is Always More!

There are no limits to the types of sustainable lifestyle habits you can create to help get yourself headed in the right direction. There are unlimited ways to begin to do new things in new ways but remember something important- less is more. This is especially true when it comes to sustainable healthy eating habits. […]

Build Better Micro Habits by Changing Your Environment

They say we are the sum of the Best Ways to Change Habits that influence us the most. For the most part, we are the sum of… The five foods we eat most often The five people we spend the most time with The five ways we recreate on a regular basis The five resources […]

Are You Ready for Change? Here’s How You’ll Know!

Coming to the decision to make changes is a process and there are many signs you need a major life change such as feelings and thoughts of burnout, frustration, depression, chronic unhappiness, etc. It takes time to decide that thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes need to shift and it can take some openness to admit. Asking […]

3 Reasons Habits Are More Important Than Goals

create system instead of goals

There’s a lot of info out there about goal setting. Businesses routinely create goals and a lot of people start the new year with a list of fresh goals hoping to make positive changes in their lives. Goals are important. They represent ideas, hopes, and dreams. If you’ve set goals before you know the excitement […]