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Low self-esteem can cause a vicious cycle which makes you feel worse and worse. Holistic health practitioners near me often see the impact of low self esteem on physical health. Feeling badly about yourself can lead you to feel unmotivated to change what is making you feel down in the first place. It is often a vicious cycle. A person feels bad about themselves and then is unmotivated to do the things necessary to get well, stay well, or maintain their health. If you don’t change the root cause of your negative feelings, then your self-esteem takes an even deeper dive. Thus your physical health suffers. Integrative and functional medicine doctors near me, often look at the physiological aspects of low self esteem including neurohormonal imbalances that are rooted in the gut.

This cycle of negativity can be damaging, but there are things that you can do to break the cycle. As holistic health practitioners near me offer these tips to help people support their mental as well as emotional health. 

Try these techniques to give your self-esteem a boost:

Boost Your Self-Esteem
Starting the day well
leaky gut

Once you start to incorporate some of these tips into your daily life, your self-esteem will start to grow. It may not happen overnight, but with time you will certainly see an improvement. This is not an exhaustive list of the various things you can do to help boost your Self-Esteem. Transforming the false beliefs attached to self can also help to improve self esteem and help you feel more empowered. .