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With infectious diseases on the rise, you might be nervous about any sign of fever. Holistic family healthcare is here to guide you through the process. The truth is most of these symptoms usually amount to nothing more than a little discomfort. At the same time, it’s important to know when to seek medical care. It is also important to recognize nature cure family health. 

Information about the recent pandemic continues to be updated frequently, so contact our holistic family healthcare practice to find out how the latest guidelines could affect you. In general, experts believe the main symptoms are fever, cough, and shortness of breath, but those are not the only symptoms. It is important to realize that in nature cure family health, there are also many other viruses, bacterias, etc that are out there and to recognize that every illness, every fever is not CoronaVirus. 

If you have any symptoms that you are concerned about please call our holistic family healthcare practice, as we can schedule a same day sick care. We can schedule in office or schedule a telehealth appointment. You can also contact your local health department. Avoid visiting a hospital emergency room unless you require immediate care. 

You may still have a case of ordinary flu or a milder infection, so it helps to know how to manage your condition. Learn more about what to do when you have a fever and nature cure family health steps that can be done to treat yourself.

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Basic Facts about Fevers:

  1. Determine the causes. Most fevers are caused by viral or bacterial infections. They can also be related to other events like sunburns and some forms of arthritis. The correct treatment will depend on what produced your symptoms. At holistic family healthcare we treat causes and not symptoms. An allopathic doctor will treat symptoms. We typically will do an AK test to determine if the cause of symptoms are bacteria or viruses. Once we determine the cause, we have several nature cure family health treatments, such as homeopaths or herbals to address immunological concerns.
  2. Learn age guidelines. Age is a major factor in treating a fever. For babies 3 months or younger, call our holistic family healthcare practice for any fever of 100.4F or higher. Most adults require medical care only if a fever is at least 103F or lasts for more than 3 days. In either case, there are nature cure family health options to help reduce fevers. 
  1. Fevers are not a bad thing. Fevers are the bodies way to burn off any underlying infections. Many times we attempt to suppress fevers out of fear and anxiety of what a fever may mean. This may not be the right approach, so calling our holistic family healthcare practice to guide you through how to use the fever to your advantage is key.
  2. Seek medical care. There are a few other cases when a fever may need more than home health care. That includes patients with compromised immune systems or accompanying symptoms including rashes, stiff necks, or hallucinations. Feel free to reach out to determine when nature cure family health is appropriate or if you need medical attention. 
How to get unwell fast

Taking Your Temperature:

  1. Expect fluctuations. It’s natural for body temperature to change throughout the day. It’s likely to rise in the late afternoon and evening, and after you eat or exercise. In holistic family healthcare, we expect multiple fluctuations. This comes as indications of the bodies ability to heal itself. In nature cure family health, or naturopathy we see the bodies expression of symptoms as the body working towards healing.
  2. Choose your method. Oral and rectal digital thermometers are considered the most accurate. Most pediatricians recommend rectal thermometers for babies rather than armpit or forehead readings. However, those can be very invasive and uncomfortable. Sometimes comfort is more important than accuracy in the moment.
  3. Clean and store safely. Wash your hands and any thermometer thoroughly with soap and water. Label oral and rectal thermometers to prevent confusion. Make sure that you check for any cracks or any inaccuracies with the thermometer. This is to make sure o any leaks or any dangerous chemicals. Please throw away any broken or altered thermometers.
  4. Follow instructions. Timing a digital thermometer is as easy as waiting for the beep. In case you have any questions, keep the instructions on hand. With the wave of COVID, there are a number of simple and effective forehead thermometers. These are also very simple to use just point towards the forehead and take the temp of the person. There is no need to constantly take the temperature of the person. Again, in nature cure family health, we see a temperature as the bodies way of self healing. 
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Managing Fevers:

  1. Stay in bed. A fever is part of a natural healing process that starts when your body releases chemicals that raise your temperature. You can help your immune system along by getting plenty of sleep and rest. It is key to allow your body to rest. Sometimes your mind is going a mile a minute and may need some support to sleep. Sleeping is the key to fast recovery.
  2. Sweat. Forget about the ice baths and alcohol rubs you may see in the movies because intense cold will constrict your blood vessels. Instead, take a tepid bath or put a damp washcloth on your head if you feel like you need to cool yourself down. However, it is key to sweat to break the fever. Sweating is key to releasing toxins within the body. Sweating is part of nature cure family health.
  3. Drink fluids. Fevers can leave you dehydrated. Sip water and clear bone or vegetable broth or suck on ice chips. Children under one may also need a rehydration solution to replace electrolytes. We have electrolytes in our practice, if you want to call for those while you are sick and feel that you need those, in our holistic family healthcare.
  4. Avoid caffeine. Coffee and other products with caffeine can also shrink your blood vessels and trap in body heat. Switch to herbal tea for a few days. Many people may not feel motivated to eat or drink like their normal habits, and that is okay. Try your best to eat or drink light things but do not worry if you cannot drink or eat like normal. Avoid things like sugar, bread, pasta as those can feed infections within the system.
  1. Try OTC medications. If your fever is making you uncomfortable, you may want to try acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or aspirin. Check the labels for correct dosages and side effects. Try to balance the need of fever reducers as the fever is the immune systems way to heal itself. It may be tempting, and sometimes a challenging balance. Do not suffer, there is no need to suffer in the process of getting well, nature cure family health can help you balance this process.
  2. Use herbs. If your symptoms are mild and tolerable, you may want to let your body heal naturally. There is some evidence that herbs like echinacea and ginger provide gentle relief without suppressing a fever. At holistic family healthcare, we can advise you on what things to take and we have supplements that are strong enough to help support the bodies ability to heal. We take the guess work out of the process. 

For adults, most fevers can be treated at home or they’ll quickly resolve on their own. At holistic family healthcare, we can determine the balance between nature cure family health  and allopathic traditional practice. In more serious cases, knowing when to seek prompt medical care will help to keep you and your loved ones safe and well. We can guide you through that process, if you call our office.