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There’s more to happy hour than beer and Buffalo wings. It’s a chance to bond with your colleagues, shake off stress, and feel a sense of comradery before you return to your family in the evening. However, keep in mind that there are many ways to bond with others without participating in unhealthy behaviors. The following article will present many alternatives to happy hour to bond without the impact on your health. 

Hold onto the advantages of a happy hour without sabotaging your health goals. Try these happy hour alternatives for socializing after work or anytime during the week.

Things to keep in mind is that many people in our country struggle with addictions, and sometimes unknowingly. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is defined as the following: 1. A compulsion to seek or take drugs or alcohol, 2. a loss of control while under the influence, 3. a negative emotional state such as anxiety, irritability, etc coupled with drug or alcohol abuse.

These instances often define withdrawal symptoms when access or usage is limited. Addiction has a three-stage cycle- binge/intoxication, withdrawal of negative affect, and preoccupation or anticipation that worsens over time. The changes in brain reward and stress systems can lead to compulsive alcohol seeking.

This can even be seen and often normalized in social settings such as a happy hour. And while it may seem harmless for some it is incredibly unhealthy for them which is why seeking happy hour alternatives or offering a combination of happy hour and alternatives to happy hour for working events can be helpful to mitigate excessive alcohol use. 

After Work Social Activities using Happy Hour Alternatives

The hour after work deserves its popularity as a time to get together. You can decompress after a hectic day at the office using many alternatives to happy hour. You may even be able to avoid the worst rush hour traffic on your commute home by sharing and networking with coworkers.

Before Work Social Activities as Happy Hour Alternatives

The decisions you make in the morning set the tone for your day. Plus, early morning sunshine lifts your mood, so share it with others. It can also be helpful for team meetings and focus sessions. 

Lunchtime Social Activities as Happy Hour Alternatives

It can be tempting to work through lunch, but taking a break is likely to make you more productive. It may also be the only opportunity to discuss subjects other than business.

Weekend Social Activities as Happy Hour Alternatives

Plan an occasional weekend program. You’ll have more time to spend together, especially if you want to travel out of town as an alternative to happy hour. 

Traditionally, we learn from social behaviors. That includes both healthy and unhealthy behaviors including alcohol use. If you create a company culture based around unhealthy behaviors do not be surprised that these unhealthy behaviors may impact your work settings.

During adolescence, we understand these social models through interactions with our peers. The strength of bonds between peers is a major factor in creating social norms. As adults, this is the same concept, if you bond on healthy things the health of the team will improve.

Consequently, if you bond on unhealthy things then the health of the team will decay.

Consequently, weak family bonds can also continue, and sometimes the stress at home is so much that work is a refuge for many people. Ensuring that the work environment is healthy is a winning strategy for team building as well as achieving company goals. 

Happy hour alternatives can enrich your mind and your professional relationships without packing on extra calories. Talk with your employer about promoting healthy initiatives or invite your friends from work to join you for some quality time. For additional strategies and ideas for happy hour alternatives please contact us for a corporate consultation. 





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