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Helping Patients Combat Obesity and Its Associated Health Hazards

Healthy Weight DNA Insight® is one of the most comprehensive weight-related genetic tests available; offering a unique combination of Nutrigenetics, medication, and general health information that enables physicians to make patient-specific recommendations on issues in order to help achieve or maintain a healthy weight.

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For overweight or obese patients, Healthy Weight DNA Insight® may help with:

  • Weight management
  • Disease prevention
  • Maximizing energy
  • Improvement to overall health
    Healthy Weight Report MD 3up1
    Healthy Weight Report MD 3up1

    Understanding a person’s genetic propensity to specific diets, eating behaviors, nutritional needs, exercise activity and health conditions is important to true long-term success in weight management.

    The Healthy Weight DNA Insight® genetic test reports on the following conditions and traits:

    • Health Conditions
    • Diabetes, type 2
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Venous thrombosis
    • Medication Response
    • Clopidogrel metabolism (Plavix)
    • Simvastatin-induced myopathy
    • Warfarin
    • Exercise Response
    • Endurance training
    • HDL (good) cholesterol response to exercise
    • Insulin sensitivity response to exercise
    • Eating Behaviors
    • Eating disinhibition
    • Food desire
    • Satiety – feeling full
    • Snacking
    • Sweet tooth
    • Weight and Diet
    • Genetic risk for decreased adiponectin
    • Genetic risk for decreased omega-6 and omega-3
    • Matching diet type
    • Metabolism
    • Obesity
    • Response to monounsaturated fats
    • Response to polyunsaturated fats
    • Weight loss – regain
    • Metabolic Health Factors
    • Genetic risk for decreased HDL cholesterol
    • Genetic risk for elevated LDL cholesterol
    • Genetic risk for elevated triglycerides
    • Nutritional Needs
    • Genetic risk for decreased vitamin A
    • Genetic risk due to decreased vitamin B2
    • Genetic risk for decreased vitamin B6
    • Genetic risk for decreased vitamin B12
    • Genetic risk for decreased vitamin C
    • Genetic risk for decreased vitamin D
    • Genetic risk for increased vitamin E
    • Genetic risk for decreased folate

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