ffhWhen we think of what we should be eating, we seldom consider the health effects or benefits of our food choices. We often eat based on taste, social pressures, stress, emotions; the list goes on and on. We forget that the purpose of our food is to provide fuel for our system so that our cells may repair, replenish, and heal our bodies. Eating foods that are processed, dead (lacking enzymes), pre-packaged, or GMO ladened can affect the body and create many destructive tendencies including autoimmune conditions. In fact, 80% of the body's immune system are housed in the gut, so it is even more important to eat the highest quality food sources as possible.

Even with a 100% healthy diet, we still struggle with foods not being as nutrient dense as they were 50 years ago, but also the damage that eating unhealthy foods and being exposed to many toxins have on the body, specifically our digestive track, or immune system, as well as our internal organs.

Learning how to eat healthy for you and exploring healthier options for your current food choices is the first step in ensuring long lasting natural health. Naturopathy treatments examine food as well as how a person processes nutrients in their foods in order to provide their body with the necessary nutrients to heal themselves. Specific foods are given to help you understand how foods help and how foods heal the body.

We work with you to custom meal plan, determine which foods your body has reactions to (even healthy foods), understanding how your genetics affect your meal planning through state of the art testing to understand the ratios of fats to proteins to carbohydrates so you can better plan your meals, as well as our favorite food for healing and raw food classes and teach you how to incorporate more whole foods into your diet.

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